Replacement MacBook Power Supply in Port Townsend, WA on a weekend?
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Where can I purchase a MacBook/13" MacBook Pro power supply/power adapter in-person in Port Townsend, WA tomorrow?

So we're at a conference in Port Townsend this weekend and the last of our power adapters just died. Searching previous questions, this is not an uncommon problem. Unfortunately, this is not a web development conference, so the odds of sharing power with other attendees is slim to non-existent. There's a Best Buy in Silverdale, but that's two hours South and doesn't open early enough for us to swing by on our we. Is there anywhere in Port Townsend or near enough that we could get to by sneaking out between session?
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Port Townsend Computers, call first to double check
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The local Mac users group PTSLUG references Port Townsend Computers that qxntpqbbbqxl mentions while also having some local consultants.

Port Townsend Computers, Inc.
Phone: (360) 379-0605
Saturdays 10-4
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Very expensive, but overnight Fedex'ing might get you one in time, as well, if the local options cannot help.
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