Where can a US citizen get a loan to study in Canada?
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Where can a US citizen get a loan to study at a grad program in Canada (Montreal)?

I'm considering studying at a 1 year photography program at an institution in Montreal. I'd need to take out a loan to pay for some of the study.

I don't believe the institution is eligible for any loans from the US government (Fafsa).

Does anyone know the best institutions/organizations, if any exist, that would provide loans to a US citizen for study in Canada?

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Grad programs typically make part-time employment and other means of financial aid available to students (more so in multi-year and thesis-based work than short post-undergrad programs, but it's worth a shot). Talk to the admissions and/or recruitment office at the institution you're considering.
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Fulbright? It's not a loan but more like a fellowship. I think getting one for study in Canada is really competitive but if you have a good reason why you need to go to Canada to do this, you should give it a shot.
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