Need Big Parking Lot Near Downtown Toronto
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Where can we find a large (almost) empty parking lot in or near Downtown Toronto tomorrow?

We're shooting a little indie film tomorrow, and need a spacious, mostly empty parking lot. We'll be driving around it (nothing stunt-y or crazy) and shooting scenes inside the vehicle.
The closer it is to downtown Toronto the better.

Challenges/Bonus Points:
- ideally it should be on the quieter side, so not right under a parkway or something. (it doesn't have to be super quiet or anything, though)
- ideally it would be in not-too-far from proximity to somewhere with bathrooms... a Starbucks, a public park restroom, something like that.

Plan A is down at one of the CNE lots, but it looks like it might be crazy busy down there tomorrow, so we're looking for a last-minute Plan B.
thanks a lot!
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Indoor or outdoor?
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Oops sorry, good question.
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What about the Docks nightclub parking lot over near cherry beach? No personal experience lately but when I drive by during the day it always seems quiet.
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The TTC parking lots at Finch, Downsview and Wilson are usually quite empty on the weekends, though I don't know if Downsview and Wilson are too close to the highway. They all have various shops in the vicinity that have bathrooms, though not necessarily the *walking* vicinity given the distances up there. I don't know if TTC security would spot you and give you shit, though.

There are some semi-largish parking areas in Downsview Park and whether they are or aren't in use is highly variable from day to day.

Depending on how much space you need and how empty it needs to be, large swaths of the parking lots at the Home Depot and Rona at Keele & St. Clair are empty much of the time, even on weekends. As is the whole side of the Metro that's a little further west of them on St. Clair. The Metro plaza has a Starbucks, among other public restrooms.

York University has some big-ass parking lots that are basically empty on weekends, though again, security might pose an issue.

If you do it in the morning before the theaters get going for the day, Queensway Cinemas or one of the other suburban multiplexes have vast parking lots.

There's a big-ass parking lot at Eastern & Coxwell, near the Beaches Cinema that never seems to have many people in it, either, but I've never been there during the day on a weekend, so I don't know about that time.
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Only thing I can think of which for sure will be empty is a GO station in inner suburbia, one only has trains that run from Monday-Friday. That's not downtown for you, though.

Maybe Langstaff? And there's a Tim Horton's nearby with washrooms.
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