Collage making software for PC?
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Collage making software for PC?

I'm looking for something I can use either on my computer or on the web that will create simple photo collages with simple white/black borders. I don't want to "scrapbook" or add text or even need to edit the photos - I just want to take my high res photos on my computer and make collages. I have apps on my iPhone which do this, but of course they make small iPhone sized collages as a result.!/id389104355?mt=8

Those apps do what I want on my phone, but now I want to do it on my computer to make larger resolution collages. Everything I find on google is geared towards adding text and graphics, and I can't seem to find something that just does collages.

I'm willing to spend up to $30 on a program or site to do this.
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How about photoshop or a free equivalent? Gimp should be fine.
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Picasa has basic collage options and is free. It's also a good photo manager and basic editor (cropping, retouching, redeye, adjustments, etc)
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The problem with Gimp is I would have to handle the resizing, arranging, etc. I've done it with Photoshop before but I no longer have a copy of Photoshop.

I want something that I give it 5 photos and pick a predetermined layout, and it does it all automatically.

I will look at Picasa, thanks!
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Seconding picasa, I really like the collages I've made with it
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I second Picasa as a general photo importer/organizer/toucher-upper, but I felt its collage option was worth no more than I paid for it. It can't hurt to try it, though, even at twice the price!
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