Poe (?) short-story about a dead man's speech
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(Poe?) tale about a speech by a dead man

I thought this was a Poe short story, but have been unable to find it:

University professor or other long-winded academic gets up on a stage to give a lecture about how he's discovered immortality. As the speech proceeds, it becomes increasingly rambling and incoherent. In the end, it turns out the immortal speech giver is actually dead.
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That sounds a bit like Poe's The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
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Response by poster: Thanks. I don't think that's it. In the story I'm thinking about, the immortal dead man was on a mission to convince people about his breakthrough discovery of the key to immortality.
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"Mesmeric Revelation" is about a hypnotized dying man.

A lot Poe's stories -- particularly those about women --- involve coming back from the dead in one form or another. But I can't think of a Poe story in which a character is dead for the entire story (and I've read all of Poe, so I'll try to dig through my books when I have a chance --- this intrigues me.)
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I've read all of Poe too (although not for a few years) and I don't recognize that story at all.
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Response by poster: I guess maybe it wasn't Poe... Or I dreamed it? :-)
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