kinetic, prop-based board games, please
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Board game recommendations in the vein of 'Run Yourself Ragged?'

I have a fuzzy spot for games that boardgamegeeks might classify as a cross between "3D" and "action/dexterity" - Run Yourself Ragged/Screwball Scramble, Mousetrap (a bit, I suppose), Spinball Pinball, Frantic Fall, etc. Anyone have favorites like these that I can check out? New would be great, but eBay-style is fine if something looks super cool. Thanks!
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I've just come back from a gaming weekend where a lot of these were played:

* Bausack: there's a box of irregularly shaped pieces and players bet against each other to place them on top of each other.

* Dancing / Funny Egg: players have to hold plastic eggs under their arm / in the crook of their neck / etc. And occassionally race around the table.

* Villa Paletti: pillars are erected and a platform is placed on top of them. Then players remove the pillars one by one and place them on top of the platform until another platform is placed and the cycle repeats. (In this genre, "Hamster Wheel" and "Bamboleo" are also recommended.)

* The Climbers / Die Aufsteiger: a "mountain" of colored blocks is made and players move their pawns up it, while reshaping the mountain. Less dexterity, more 3D.
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Operation comes to mind, a game that drove me nuts as a kid. There's also a fairly new line of tabletop games inspired by Angry Birds, which sound like what you're looking for.
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Perplexus is not a board game per se, but seems to be inspired by the tabletop Labryinth game.

Skittle-Bowl is based on Bar Skittles.

If you liked Mousetrap, you should look up similar games developed/patented and licensed to toy companies by Marvin Glass and Associates.
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Fireball Island

13 Dead End Drive
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Fireball Island isn't so much dexterity, but is very 3D.
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Captain Hook's Shipwreck! which I guess is also known as Ghostly Galleon. It's for kids; possibly too simple for (sober) adults to enjoy.
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Another one my kids and I like -- again, maybe too simple for adults -- Chuck-It Chicken.
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