The log is a...a...really?!
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The fruit of our looms has discovered ghost tales. You know - Bloody Mary and her ilk. However she has not yet heard "If the log rolls over we will all be dead."

mrgood and I are old and forgetful. For all the times we were thrilled at camps and slumber parties with this classic story well-told, we cannot for the life of us re-tell it so that our daughter may know and love it too, and remember it fondly when she's forty-three.

What is your best version of this stupid childhood story , hopefully that is suspenseful and that is not terrible?
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I too went through an adolescent "spooky" phase, and I found the stories that ended up funny or funny/gross always lighted the mood after a good round of "Bloody Mary".
Look for "The Viper" - retold by Alvin Schwartz in "Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark". I have Google Book Linked it here for you:

The Viper - Breakdown: A mysterious caller to a tenant of an apartment building "I am the viper and I am coming up!" Calls again (closer), Again (closer), (tenant getting more nervous) then the doorbell rings and the tenant opens to a little man who says "I am the Viper - I am here to vash and vipe your vindows!"

The Schwartz books are now available in single volumes or as compilations in most book stores or at your local library. Please note: The illustrations are in pen and ink - and can be pretty spooky for certain ages, maybe feel it out, or read on your own and recite them yourself?

Either way - enjoy!
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