Teaching Windows 8
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Where/what are the best online resources that will help me learn enough about Windows 8 to teach someone else to use it?

In a little over 48 hours, I will need to teach someone how to get up and running on Windows 8 within a short amount of time. The catches? I've never used it myself, and the someone is not computer-savvy. What are the best online resources to get us both started with Windows 8? Articles, step-by-step instructions, expert tips, videos all welcome.
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I found this article to be quite useful. Knowing where to click and how to use the mouse is the hardest part of Windows 8, and with this article it should become second nature pretty quickly.

You may want to elaborate on whether the person you are teaching has never used Windows before, or just Windows 8. For the most part, using the Desktop in Windows 8 is the same as previous versions of Windows, it's just how to launch applications (ie: Start screen vs. Start menu) that is different.
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Simon, thank you for your answer -- that article looks like a good start. To clarify, we're Windows users up to XP corporately. What I really need to learn and teach is expert Windows 8 use. I've been reading all over the net, but am not confident I'm finding the best tips, which is why I ask here for hope!

Note: I'm not in IT.
Note2: This individual will be working offsite, and I need them to be as comfortable and independent with the new OS as possible.

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Scott Hanselman (A Microsoft Employee) created this 4 minute video that covers a lot of the basics.
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Great video, Vorteks -- I'll share that one. We got through most of the basics yesterday, but we'll be doing another session next weekend, so I'm still open to any other resources.
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