Can I Make It Stop?
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During the past three and a half hours, I've received ten telemarketer calls on my cell phone. They seem to be from the same company using different numbers and area codes (I stopped answering and they don't always leave a message, so I can't be sure). What can I do, and what did I do?

They're all recorded robocalls from Senior Medical Advisory for a life alert thing. I've done their unsubscribe, but the recording says to allow them seven days. Is there any way to stop this sooner? I am on the Do Not Call registry, and I did file complaints on the numbers with them. Is there anything I can do on my end to stop the calls?

This is the first time I've had this happen--is there a likely suspect I might have given my cell number to that would cause this sudden rash of calls?
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What kind of phone? On my android phone, I create a contact called "Blocked numbers", add all the telemarketers to it, and set "All calls to voicemail". Causes me to never notice them. This might not work if the number is different every single time, but I find that there will be repeats.
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Definitely tell your service provider and file a complaint with the FCC.
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The Do Not Call list is a joke. It does not reduce or limit the number of cold calls that you get in anyway.

Personally, I find the best tactic is to call them back yourself - and go nuclear on them.
I am sure they left a phone number. Call it, get an operator - and lay into them.
Keep doing. Do it repeatedly. They will remove you from their list if you become a problem for them.
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An Android app solution that's been working well for me.
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It's an iPhone 4S, and when I called one of the numbers back, I got a recording. That's where I was offered the chance to unsubscribe but told it would take 7 days.

It has been different numbers every time, and now I've also gotten two "Unknown" calls. It's up to a dozen calls now since 11:30 this morning.
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Do what my husband does: answer the phone "NSA, state your project number and security ID."
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Are you with AT&T? For $5 per month you can add the Smart Limits service and block specific numbers.
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Answering with "911, what's your emergency?" generally stops the calls also. Usually this means that you have to press 1 for a human, then wait for them to get on the line first.
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