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Has anyone been to Chicago's Bank of America Theatre? Should I get these tickets for the Book of Mormon? They're all the way in Balcony Right and we wouldn't even be seated next to each other...

It's my friend's birthday coming up and I'd really like to get tickets to The Book of Mormon as a way to surprise him.

There's are a few problems though...I will only be able to be in Chicago with him Jan 5 to Jan 9, a window which coincides with his birthday. The date that I'm looking at however, has no more single seats left. I am looking at Balcony Right...and the only two seats that I can think of purchasing through ticketmaster are the ones at the far right of balcony right, one in front of the other (Row E seat 14 and Row F seat 14).

Should I get them? They'd cost over $100 together which is a big deal to me because I don't have a lot of money. I'd be willing to spend the money if it were really worth it but now I'm not sure because of the seating arrangements...
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I don't know thing one about the theatre, but I paid out the ass to see it on Broadway and YOU MUST NOT MISS THIS SHOW!

I highly suggest downloading the original cast sound track and listening to it about 1000 times before you see the show.

Seriously, get the tickets. You will love it!
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Response by poster: OK, willing to spend more and looking at the mezzanine seats on the far left (seats are on the far left as well)...seats are still one behind the other....aghh
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I would definitely recommend seeing the show at the Chicago Theatre, but would not recommend getting the seats on the balcony that you mention - 14E and 14F. That is because rows E and F on the balcony are actually very separate from one another, in entirely different sections. You and your friend would not be one behind the other.

(See this map:

There are truly no bad seats in the balcony or the mezzanine at the Chicago Theatre.
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It's not at the Chicago Theatre--it's at the Majestic on Monroe, now called the Bank of America Theatre. I don't recall seeing any show in in it, myself, so I can't speak to your seating choices.

I don't think the Chicago Theatre does stage plays, just music and comics, but I could be wrong about that.
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The Bank of America Theatre (on Monroe St) is not the Chicago Theatre (on State St).
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Well, that certainly changes my answer!

You're fine.
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Response by poster: Well I guess I want to slightly reframe my I've been reading reviews on yelp and other sources saying that when ticketmaster says a view is obscured, they're more obscured/limited than they are in other theatres. For instance:

"At other theatres my "limited view" tickets have meant that there's a pole or something that you can lean around, but if you're past row C in the dress circle, you can only see the lower half of the stage."

"Minus one star since our limited view seats really did cut out the entire left side of the stage!"

So I think just looking at a map is pretty deceiving...

I suppose I'd be willing to really splurge (most expensive thing I've ever bought for a friend!) and go for the far left mezzanine seats (which don't seem to be the greatest seats and aren't next to each other either :( ) unless someone can speak for any of the remaining seats?
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Was just in that theater last week for Kinky Boots.

Can you possibly go the next night, Wednesday the 9th? There are 2 single tix almost behind each other, Mezzanine right center row G & H. Those would be good.

On the night you're suggesting, everything is all the way against the wall. Which may be ok. Last week I sat Mezzanine, row N seat 1, on one of the aisles near the left. If you're in the back half of the Mezz, it's true that the overhang of the balcony above does cut off the top of the stage proscenium arch. For the show I was at, this was not a problem at all, and though I haven't seen Book of Mormon, I rather doubt it will be a problem there either. So if you're thinking those ones Mezz around row M, against the side wall, I think those will be ok.

(There's always the possibility someone won't show up and you can move over or forward - that did happen for some folks in those seats last week.)
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Oh - as for the balcony - I haven't sat up there since way before the theater was renovated. It's a pretty tall theater, so I felt a little "nosebleed section" up there, but I could see everything ok. I wasn't over against the wall, though, so I don't know how that might impact things.
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So I am the person who said this on Yelp: "At other theatres my "limited view" tickets have meant that there's a pole or something that you can lean around, but if you're past row C in the dress circle, you can only see the lower half of the stage." The dress circle part is probably the issue because the balcony sort of hangs over it - I'd actually bet the balcony is fine.

In all seriousness, though, I'd have been pissed beyond measure if I hadn't been able to move up a couple rows. Not being able to see the top half of the stage was a really big deal for Jersey Boys because the set had this two-story structure and a lot of the action took place on the top. I haven't seen Book of Mormon yet, so I don't know how much it'll matter for this show. Personally, I wouldn't risk it. (And didn't - remembering my last experience, I splurged for orchestra seats this time.) Definitely avoid the dress circle.
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Response by poster: I bought the tickets! They are Mezzanine Left seats...far left, one in front of the other (I saw way too many red flags about Dress Circle seats on the internet....and those were only a little bit cheaper than mezz anyway)

Now I get to think up of clever ways to present the tickets :)
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Now I get to think up of clever ways to present the tickets :)

Buy an actual Book of Mormon. Place tickets in nice envelope. Place nice envelope inside Book of Mormon. Wrap. Give. Enjoy.
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