Practice Probability Word Problems
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What great books or resources are there for practicing probability word problems such as for standardized tests like the GRE?

I have a difficult time deciphering the wording in probability problems, and need basic/intermediate practice problems. It should cover concepts such as when to multiple or add probabilities, conditional probability, independent and mutually exclusive events, etc. It can't be overly basic either (ie: probably not Khan Academy).

Schaum's outline seems like a great choice, but the reviews on amazon say its full of mistakes which I cannot have when learning.
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Princeton Review GRE materials worked fine for me for the test, if you want to check the amazon reviews for them too.
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Of all the GRE review books I bought, the Princeton Review ones were the most helpful. Barron's GRE got used some. Kaplan's went in the trash - it didn't add any value beyond what the other 2 did.
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Response by poster: My GRE study materials are covered. I really need practice probability word problems. I only mention the GRE as a rough guide for the types of word problems I am looking for.
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