Fighting information overload, one Tweet at a time
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I read this somewhere filter. A few years back, I read a very detailed description of a well known journalist (working at Reuters, or AP or something - it might have been Anthony De Rosa) who explained in great detail how he managed his Twitter and other (social) information streams to find original sources and be on top of breaking news. I would like to find that specific article again.

Please don't bury me under any other blog posts about how to manage Twitter or other information streams unless it's REALLY REALLY fantastic - as fantastic as that post I'm referring to (which is unlikely, since I've read about 10,000 articles on the subject and never once found one that was as insightful, precise and detailed). Thank you for helping.
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Andy Carvin?
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Nope :) sorry. Good effort though. It was a blog post of the journalist himself; or at least a monologue. One snippet I remember is how he talked about going back into his twitter stream to see who broke a story first, and then following that person. Which is unsurprising in itself, but there was a certain rigor to the process - how he made lists and vetted them, iterating until he had tuned his incoming sources so finely that in essence he could do man-in-the-middle attacks against other news orgs. Very nerdy stuff. Loved it. Lost it... :(
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Anthony de Rosa is very active on Twitter. You could try asking him directly, @antderosa.
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@ biscuit well, I guess I fucked that up for myself :) - I'd rather keep my MeFi identity separate from my real world ID.
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I just tweeted him for you.
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And he said he's not sure but pointed me to his tumblr.
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Hmm, I would be surprised if he doesn't remember - it was really detailed stuff. I think I have the author confused with De Rosa because he has a similar profile. It was definitely a news beat journalist.
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It says something about the internet today that nobody remembers or can find this post. In '02 or so, this would have been solved in 10 minutes on #ch-ch-ch-changes
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Was it Patrick Thornton?
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