Jump that frog.
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I find myself able to enter a frog jumping & racing contest. As does my boyfriend, who refuses to make this a team effort. Help me name my frog and totally school boyfriend, or at least put up a good showing.

Here are the rules (totally worth a read):


Boyfriend plans to acquire frogs in local swamp, though I am fine with "renting". I need help with the following:

1. Frog name.

2. Strategy.

3. If I somehow end up with a swamp frog in my house for 48 hours, how should I care for/prep him/her.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Rosie the Ribbiter
The Green Candidate
Dominator Rex Deathskull, Esquire
Hoppin' Change
Flip Romney
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Hip Hop Hooray
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Tastes like Chicken
Spring forward
Gams: Cause She/He's got a great pair of legs
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Silent Cal (short for the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, of course).
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I really, really like the name Rosie the Ribbiter. I am probably going to chuckle about that all afternoon, in fact.
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Oh my god, Rosie the Ribbiteer in every way. Too cute.
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I helped work a frog jumping contest long ago when I was in high school. I seem to remember the technique was sort of spooking the frog to make it jump. Some kids would leer behind it hitting the ground and yelling at it. That works. Another technique that seemed better was stroking the tail end of the frog, sort of tickling it, and it would jump that way. A lot of it also depended on the individual frog. The ones the contest people provided were OK, but some people who actually did it for sport brought these frogs that just blew the competition away.
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Hopkin Green
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It would be nice to provide entertainment for your frog, as they do enjoy playing games on an iphone.
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The Frog of War (too obscure?)
London Frog
Phineas Phrog
Win or be Sauteed
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Hopalong Cassidy
Sir Hopsalot
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Jumpin Jehosephatty
Leap of Faith
Spring Fever
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Louisiana Louie
Wishin' and Hop'in
Hopwhopper Joe
Billy Barhop

Pro tip: At a no-hands horny toad race we 'stimulated' our horny toad by blowing air at his head with a drinking straw. Unfortunately, he stopped to eat some ants.
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