I've got three good teeth left.
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Looking for a dentist in Southern Maine.

I have dental insurance for the first time in...uh...the better part of a decade? I'm certain I need two or three crowns. I'm certain I need approximately 800 fillings. I'm terrified of dentists, even thinking about going throws me into quite the anxiety spiral.

It is very important that I find dentist that can work fast, and willing/able to write a prescription for anti-axiety medication for each visit (even cleanings). I can deal with being berated for my dental condition, but i'd prefer not to, if possible.

I'm willing to travel as far south as Portsmouth, NH or as far north as Brunswick, ME.
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Back when I was a poor grad student living in Portsmouth I also suddenly had dental insurance and needed about seven fillings. So, in a sort of similar situation to you, I went to Jay Nesvold and he did a great job. He was friendly, fast, did great work, and had a fancy high-tech setup that reduced some of the difficulty and discomfort in getting fillings. I actually don't have much anxiety about the dentist, but my wife did and she loved him too.

He was also very understanding about how, even with good intentions and habits, with no dental insurance, things can get a little out of hand in your mouth. He was much, much more "it's a really good thing you've decided to take care of this" than "boy you sure messed up your dental health and should be ashamed".
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Douglas Gray was the dentist I went to during my childhood of many, many, many fillings. My parents requested all porcelain, and according to my current dentist his color matching is impeccable. He is also very very nice and has a calming presence. Make sure you mention during the intake that you have anxiety about dental work, it helps if they know so they can match you with the most experienced dental hygienist. Also, if you have health insurance, maybe ask your regular doctor for some anti-anxiety meds?
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