Help me find Pendleton blanket pretenders. I'd like to give one as a gift.. or a real one, if anyone has secret sale sources. I don't have time to shop!
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I'd like to buy my friend a Pendleton blanket as a gift, however, I don't have the time to source one, nor do I have the fundage right now. Are there alternatives?

Calling all online shopping addicts..
Help me, MeFites, I don't have time to shop for something this specific before the holidays. I'd like to buy my buddy a beautiful Pendleton, but my budget is more like $150 than $300+. My friend is more into the design and idea than he is the actual label, so a pretender might be ok if the prints are good. Are there viable alternatives? Does anyone have any secret sale sources?

I know do know they're a commonly thrifted item, but again, I don't have time to go picking at individual thrift stores/vintage stores/etc. I need to be able to buy something off the rack or order from a catalogue or webstore.

Thanks for your help! Bonus points if you find me something "traditionally woodsman-y" with lots of red and brown!
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Ebay. Tons of real and pretender options.
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Actually Pendleton's own web site has a handful of blankets in your price range.
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Man it may be too late but a week or two ago I was in an REI and it was having a pretty big clearance sale with some Pendleton blankets that looked nice and inexpensive.
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Looks like REI does still have something.
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Best Made Co has designy cool blankets.
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Are any of the Pendleton outlet stores near you?
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I found a few on Ebay (idly pricing them, not actually looking to buy) a couple months ago that were far cheaper than Etsy, FWIW.
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You might look at sheep farms in your area. Many of them have the wool from their sheep woven into wool blankets, sometimes with the stripe design, which they sell at local festivals etc. These can run from $80-$150 (or more I guess) depending where you are.
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