Scaly skin at ear canal?
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Scaly skin around the entrance to my ear canal.

For some time now the skin at the entrance to my ear canal has become somewhat scaly and slightly itchy. I read that this can be caused by excessive earwax removal, but I couldn't find tips on how to reverse the process. Anyone else experienced this, or know how to return to the nonscaly unitchy state?
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Probably a touch of eczema - even people with no history of eczema seem to get it at the entrance to the ear canal sometimes. A little petroleum jelly or even olive oil ought to provide enough of a barrier to allow the skin to recover - you just have to leave your ear alone for a while.

If the itch is too much to resist, your pharmacist might have a mild hydrocortisone cream.
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Yup, definitely mild eczema. I got the same thing.
Hydrocortisone cream will fix it up super quick, but it will probably keep coming back. Sorry.
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Q-tips are scratchy. Vaseline helps.

I speak from experience.
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I actually just went Googling because I get this same thing under my eyebrows - and there is a convincing argument that it may not be eczema as such, but may also be seborrheic dermatitis, which is a bit different.

Fortunately the link gives an easy-sounding OTC treatment suggestion (using Nizoral shampoo to clean it and a cortisone cream until it clears up). I've also had luck with apple cider vinegar on a q-tip swabbed on the affected area.
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Instead of a q-tip, try using a bulb syringe and warm water with 25% white vinegar to remove ear wax. Won't solve the immediate problem which others have addressed but will lessen recurrence.
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I spent about $100 on eczema medication before I was properly diagnosed with psoriasis. Your symptoms sound a lot like mine, including the location of the scaly patches. I would suggest heading to a dermatologist.
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Cortisone cream will clear up at least 2 of the 3 things it's likely to be, so I'd go with that.

(I get this, but mine is stress related, fwiw. I use Vaseline and try to ignore it.)
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I have insanely itchy ears, as well as some seborrheic dermatitis on my face, so I think there is a relation.
The thing that has helped both issues is dandruff shampoo. Use it on your hair, and then work a little of the lather in to the itchy and flaky spots.
Cleared up the red patches on my face after trying prescription and otc remedies for years.
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Your new Google search term is "fungus". Combine it with "itchy", "ear", or whatever else fits you. Do this now to attain enlightenment.
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I actually tried an antifungal and it didn't help.
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I'm leaning towards seborrheic dermatitis, which I'll get in/behind my ears and around my nose, among other places. I use Neutrogena anti wrinkle anti blemish cleanser -- I think it's the salicylic acid that fixes it, usually with one washing.

And I add 40-60 drops of tea tree oil to my body wash, which seems to fix all skin issues not located around my face/ears.
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