Are they using a 2001 monolith as a cutting board?
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What is the the matte black thing the chef is using as cutting surface in this video and where could I get one?

It can be seen close up at the beginning of the video and in pretty much every one of the channel's other videos. (Warning "soothing" music and carefully prepared food.)

My brother was watching these and is fascinated by the cutting surface and I'd like to get him one since he takes his kitchen knives very seriously.
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It's a rubber cutting board. I don't know where you get black ones. Buff ones are widely available, but your brother may not be that happy with it; apparently they dull knives more quickly.
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it is a black cutting board made from a type of rubberized plastic. They are the best cutting surfaces I have ever used. The white ones are better because you can see when they are dirty, the black ones are just for show. You might be able to get one at Korin in New York as I heard they carry these type of "high-soft" cutting boards. Or you could use an agent service that allows you to order things from Japan and buy it through them at a site such as this: . If you want to google around the search term is 業務用 黒まな板 . which means "professional use black cutting board". good luck.
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I managed to find one in the US, though not as thick. At $160 for a slab of polyethylene, I may just take a trip to the plastic store.
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That price doesn't seem too out of whack. The raw materials are pretty expensive at McMaster Carr.
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