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[Slightly Urgent] I'm landing in DCA in 1.5 hours(11:15pm local). I need to get to IAD hopefully within an hour. Advice?

After finishing a week's worth of exhausting work out west, I started flying home, only to fall asleep during my layover and miss my flight to IAD. I'm now on my flight to DCA(Regan) and it would be very very ideal to get to Dulles by 12:30 so I can get to home and my meetings tomorrow. It appears public transport is closed down by this time until early the next morning.

Budget friendly is extremely appreciated.

Any ideas or advice?
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A cab is the only thing that'll get you there in an hour. That'll run you around $90, with tip.
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Cab is your only option here. It's awkward geography and about a 45 min drive - nothing will be quicker, and at that time I don't think there's another way at all.

I think it will be in the $50 range, but haven't lived in DC since 2007.
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Call in a favor and get someone you know (co-worker even) to give you a lift.
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I'm calling in the favors from IAD. The DCA leg is much much harder.
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I can't think of any way to do this other than taxi, which would run you (very approximately) $70, I think (I've never taken one to Dulles starting at DCA, only from the city). Hopefully someone has a better answer for you...
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I cabbed this four years ago, made my flight, and recall paying ~$50. downing street memo's figure may be closer to the 2012 cost, though.
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gulp. Much more than $50 and I will probably have to spend the night in the airport. Not fun. What are cab tips like?
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I usually tip cabs 15-20%, just like any other service tip.
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Much more than $50 and I will probably have to spend the night in the airport.

That doesn't really make sense, unless you really absolutely do not have the money. You're only talking about an extra $30-40, you could easily spend a chunk of that on coffee and breakfast at DCA. Just get yourself to DIA and put it down to a bad call and falling asleep at the airport ...
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The official Washington Flyer rate from Dulles to DCA (the other way than you want to go is $62. According to this, its $80 with various surcharges from DCA to IAD. I'd guess around $65-$70.
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Good point carter. Thanks.
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Are you actually trying to get a flight out of Dulles, or just out to that area (you mention calling in favors on that leg)?

I ask because Metro will still be running, and although there's track work going on, if you can get onto a train at DCA by 11:28pm you could be at the Vienna Metro station (for example) by 12:12am. Here is the WMATA trip planner, and the Metro map to help you get your bearings (that future gray line heading off to the northwest shows where Dulles is).
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No problem, Folk! Sometimes cabs are worth it. Good luck!
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I'm trying to get to an address local to IAD. I have multiple people I could call in from there. DCA is significantly harder.

Theoretically I have a checked bag waiting for me at IAD that hopefully made it on the right plane.
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Ah, got it. Then yeah, I think you might just have to spring for the cab (and $70 sounds about right for the fare).

One final thought, though: if there's a line at the taxi stand in DCA, it might be worth chatting up anyone else waiting, just on the off chance that someone is making the same trip and you could cut your cost in half. Best of luck!
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I'd call ahead for a cab. It can be dicey at DCA late at night if there aren't a lot of arrivals. I always had good luck with Arlington Red Top. You can book online via TaxiMagic and they will give you a rough estimate, but I think ~$70 is probably fair.
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If you know someone local to Dulles, going into Reagan to pick you up really isn't that big a deal at this time of night; there's not any traffic so it's a quick drive. But if that's really impossible, and you're in a hurry, you're going to need to cab it like everyone suggests.

It's a bit late now, but for future reference The Airport Shuttle will get you from IAD/DCA for $45 (plus tip, I assume). But, you have to reserve 24 hrs in advance. I suppose it might be worth calling them and seeing if they happen to be running a van in that direction. Unlikely but worth checking. SuperShuttle is also an option, at least DCA-IAD. (IAD-anywhere is a lot dicier, since they only allow ground transportation providers that have paid up the requisite kickbacks.)
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When you get off your flight, RUN to the cab stand. There will be a crazy line.

I never went from DCA to IAD, but a cab from NW DC (much further away than DCA) to IAD always ran me about $65 with a generous tip. I wouldn't expect to pay more than $50-60ish. There are ATMs near the cab stands at DCA.
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I paid like 60 when I went to the wrong airport to go from dca to iAd.
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Well, the whole process is completed. Thanks guys!

There is an official price for the trip set by DCA: $64. Without tip.

I wish I would have received the advice to run to the cab stand. I dident get it in time and it took quite a while.

Booking ahead would have worked well, but that advice also came too late. Lessons learned for next time.

Thanks everyone!
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