What to Do Soon in NYC?
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I am in New York City until Friday evening. What are some good ways to pass the time (indoors, please!)

I am just passing through - I lived in Manhattan for two years a few years back and am only here for two days. What would you recommend checking out? Obviously touristy things aren't really my interest. Great stores, neat little museums, good bakeries, anything like that. I'd like to stay relatively close to the same geographic location; I don't mind travelling on the subway but I'd like to stay in one place for most of the day. I know very little of Brooklyn. Help!
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Levain Bakery (the line might be outside, though)
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If you haven't been the Tenement Museum on the Lower East side is well worth a trip but by sure to book a tour as thats all they do.
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Levain Bakery is a worthwhile visit, I second roomthreeseventeen. City Bakery in the Flatiron district is also great- their hot chocolate is written up often and with good cause. I never tire of the people-watching and architecture in Grand Central Station- decent shopping and dining there too. Eataly, while pricey, is a fascinating and unique foodie experience. Makerbot Industries has a 3D printer showroom near Lafayette and Houston. The Morgan Library and Museum (e. 30s) is often overlooked but has some interesting exhibits.
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Hit up the Brooklyn Museum and the big public library (the museum and Grand Army Plaza stops on the 2/3 trains, very near each other).

There are a bunch of cafes nearby if you want to sit for a while; I like Glass Shop on a chilly day. Joyce Bakeshop is cute also. Really, you could walk down either Washington or Vanderbilt and find a lot of nice cafes, and a neat bookshop on Vanderbilt. I will also mention that Glass Shop's next door to Pete Zaaz, which has quirky and pretty-good pizza--you can order a slice of baked potato or buffalo chicken pie for instance.

Try out the new bar Tooker Alley if you are into cocktails--I went there recently and really enjoyed the atmosphere, and they're right near the other places. The website doesn't list the drinks but they're quality. They features both some originals and a "history of the martini" menu; the menu itself is fun reading with lots of poems and hobo signs and stuff.
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Keep in mind that the subway service is still inconsistent in parts of Lower Manhattan and into Brooklyn after Sandy last week (and the snow last night probably didn't help). You may encounter delays on the subway. If you don't want to go too far I think the stretch of town between Grand Central and Flatiron would give you ample people watching, browsing, and eating (mmmm yes please go to Eataly it's really amazing). Just my $0.02. Have fun!
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Go to the Brooklyn Museum. It has its own subway stop on the #2 line.
In any other city, it would be proclaimed the greatest museum - in NYC, it is quietly forgotten. You will be amazed by it. Largest collection of mummies outside Egypt, for starters.
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check out the grand opening of payard bakery. it opened this morning on 3rd ave and 74th street.
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If you're on the LES or Chelsea, I highly recommend Doughnut Plant. Their crème brûlée doughnut is to die for. Pricey ($4 a doughnut!) but worth it IMO.
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