A Conservative Classic Lost to Time
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Does anyone know where to obtain a copy of Pat Buchanan's memo to Richard Nixon, "Dividing the Democrats"?

Back in 2008, George Packer published in the New Yorker a copy of a memo given to him by Pat Buchanan, which had been written for Richard Nixon in 1971 and titled, informally at least, "Dividing the Democrats". He included some brief excerpts in this piece. There were a few short excerpts that promulgated to Daily Kos at the time, but in a site reorg or whatever, the NYer has apparently disappeared the PDF that Packer put up; it didn't make it onto the Internet Archive, either. I recall glancing at it at the time but I don't have a copy any longer myself and determined googling hasn't turned up one, only regurgitation of the Packer article itself or the quotes Packer pulled from it. It seems to be of some interest given conservative talking points in the pursuant era.
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Best answer: Say, this PDF of the memo perhaps?
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Response by poster: Thanks! I'm usually better at this. ;-)
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