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Yet Another Tourist Filter: Next week my Mom and I are taking a 4 day land trip and 7 day cruise from Fairbanks, Alaska to Vancouver, BC on Princess Cruise Lines. Anything we absolutely shouldn't miss?

I hate to ask one of the "what should I do on my vacation" questions, but this one does at least seem to have novelty value going for it. (Unless my Google/Yahoo-fu (GooHoo-fu?) has totally failed me.)

We'll have an extra day in Fairbanks before the tour starts so I can see things like the hospital where I was born, the apartment building my parents used to live in, etc. Then, of course, a good deal of our itinerary is determined by the cruise. We'll be stopping at Denali for a day, and once we get on the boat will have day stops in Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan. We're signed up for various hiking, biking, and kyaking shore excursions, but is there anything else you would categorize as can't-miss? Or anything I should know about travelling on The Love Boat?
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Skagway is unbelievable. Do the train-ride that goes up to the Canadian border and shows you the still-beaten path where the gold miners once walked. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking - you will take tons of pictures.

The town itself is amazing too - there is a very yummy old fashioned ice cream shop on the main drag, and lots of awesome local artisans. You can only get there by boat or plane, so its a very interesting local crowd.

Have fun!
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Are you looking for things to do in Vancouver, or Alaska?
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Response by poster: Alaska. We don't really have any time in Vancouver. The boat docks, we get off, and pretty much get right on a bus to take us down to SEA-TAC.
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I know you're asking about the "not cruise" part of it, but something not to miss on the cruise itself? The lobster. I ate 6 in one sitting.

I am a simple man.
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Take the ferry from Skagway to Haines and go to the bald eagle preserve.
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