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Another NYC/Brooklyn restaurant question: City views edition.

Hi guys. I live in Brooklyn and my mom and sister are coming to visit this weekend for my mom's 67th birthday. She's going through a divorce and is generally having a hard time so I want to show her a good time.

She loves a breathtaking view, pretty much more than anything (we're from Asheville, NC if you want to know what kind of views she's used to). I want to take her to a restaurant on Sunday night that has a beautiful view of the city. Ideally I would like to be in Brooklyn, because she hasn't really ever familiarized herself with my borough and would like to and the views of Manhattan are so good.

In terms of food and cost--she generally goes for quality American/Western European food. I hope to not spend more than $50 a person on food alone (not including alcohol as there probably won't be much consumed). It's important that the restaurant itself has views and isn't just 'a short walk to the river' where the views actually are. My mom doesn't have the best back and doesn't like to walk in the cold.

This would be her idea of perfect: A cozy but pretty (not cold and modern) interior, sitting in front of a Manhattan view picture window, where she can eat a caprese salad and a roasted chicken with asparagus or salmon and mashed potatoes or filet mignon and brussel sprouts or something, and maybe have a single glass of pinot grigio.

Does this exist within my price range, or am I asking too much? I'm a little flexible on my budget if we find the perfect place (BTW River Café is closed due to Sandy, and too expensive anyway). Also if there's a high-up place in Manhattan with a good view that isn't full of tourists or over-priced, I would happily consider that too.

Please help me make her birthday special because she really needs it right now!
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Response by poster: Open to lunch yes, but the nighttime view will make her 'ooooh' and 'aaaaaahhh' all over the place.
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One of the places in the Time Warner Center will probably be your best bet, since the Rainbow Room isn't open at the moment and Windows on the World was destroyed.
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Hmmmmm...... Alma has a great view and is affordable, but is the wrong cuisine... Never actually eaten there but Giando on the Water must have a great view. It's Italian food though and I can't vouch for it. River Cafe would be perfect (except for the price) but like you said, it's closed... I think you may want to look at Manhattan actually. I'll email some friends and see if they can think of anything I'm overlooking.
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The view at Giando's is indeed lovely but the food isn't particularly impressive. It's not bad, it's perfectly nice, but nothing to swoon over.
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Riverpark in my opinion has the best river views, and good food that is more or less what you've specified. It is in Manhattan though (East 29th Street).
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Water's edge in LIC.

View unparalleled. Make sure they are undamaged from Sandy, Open and not doing a private function!
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I think your quest will be tough because of your price range. And because so many restaurants by the water are still recovering from Sandy. Phone lines are still down for those that are open, some of them still don't have heat due to the ConEd steam heat being down, and others sustained damage from flooding and are closed until further notice.

According to the Water's Edge Facebook page, the restaurant "sustained serious damage during the recent hurricane, taking in nearly 6 feet of water." They are currently not open.

Riverpark, according to their web site, is also still closed. "We're glad to have power restored to Riverpark, but like many others we're still without heat. We look forward to re-opening our doors as soon as possible."

And if you turn up the Water Club while searching, they, too, are closed due to Sandy damage.

Gigino at Wagner Park near Battery Park City offers a view of Lady Liberty and the New York Harbor. They posted on their Facebook page that while their phone lines are still down, they are open for business. I haven't been, but from what I hear, the food is decent (which is more than you can say about a lot of places that have views).

Good luck!
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Response by poster: I know it's a difficult quest, which is why I ask here.
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You might get more leads if you post on the Chowhound Manhattan and Outer Boroughs boards, too.

I'd also consider taking her for a glass of wine or beverage at a bar with a view (maybe in the late afternoon), or to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center as well.
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Perhaps the Z hotel in LIC with its roofop bar. Difficult to get to, and you should call, and I can't vouch for the food....
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(also check that the bar on the rooftop at Z is open & doesn't look like it, or it will be very cold!)
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robert, which sits on top of the museum of art & design at 2 columbus circle, has a ridiculously gorgeous north-facing view of central park, the upper west side, and upper east side; and another lovely one right down an avenue facing either east or west. i don't actually know anyone who's eaten there, and it might push your budget somewhat if you order wine, but hot damn, THE VIEW. their website photos are horrible and you'd never know about the view from looking at the site.
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River Cafe. In Brooklyn. Has best view of skyline possible.
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Shit sorry, just noticed it is closed
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The View. The rotating restaurant on top of the Marriott Marquis. I've been there and the Rotating is not as goofy as it seems, you will get a 360 view.
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