What was behind that door?!
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LA / Simi Valley friends, please help! I'd like to surprise a friend of mine with info / pictures of a couple things from his childhood that came up in a recent conversation--one concerns the Los Angeles Children's Museum, the other concerns Rancho Park in Simi Valley. More detail inside.

1) My friend told me a heartbreaking story about how, on a field trip to the Los Angeles Children's Museum around 1983 or 1984, a bully kept him from entering a certain room. More detail: he remembers being in an open space, with a lot of room for running around. There was a big, "kind of Star Trek-y" door, and when it opened, kids flooded in, but the light coming from that room was too bright to see what was happening inside. Then, as he was going to enter, a bully told him he couldn't enter, for no particular reason. Not knowing what was in this room has killed my friend to this day. Anyone remember it?

2) He also, in the same conversation, mentioned that nobody he grew up with has pictures of a giant wooden playground from Rancho Park in Simi Valley that he used to love. Any pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Don't have answers for you, but if you use Facebook you should friend and ask this at Hidden Los Angeles. The woman who runs it, and her fans, are chock full of info about stuff like this.
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