How do I get in on this closed Kickstarter?
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I need to get in on this Kickstarter - but the availability date has passed. What can I do?

I am both a jaded and dedicated person - there are very few things I get excited about, but when I find one of those rare things, I will generally do whatever it takes to get it. Needless to say, I usually get results, and it troubles me greatly when I'm unable to do so.

Unfortunately, this PDF story "How the Paladin Got His Scars" is only available via Kickstarter, and the deadline for getting in on the kickstarter has expired. This is not cool, and I don't see any of the normal loopholes that would let me finesse the system. I don't know anybody else who is buying this, otherwise I'd simply copy the PDF from them.

How can I get a copy? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Have you tried just emailing the author and offering to buy one?
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Seconding emailing or messaging the people who ran the Kickstarter. When I ran one, we got a bunch of messages saying "shoot, I missed the deadline" in the days following the campaign. We happily took their donations via non-Kickstarter methods (Paypal) and sent them the donor gifts.
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You can't get a copy yet, even through piracy, because none of the Kickstarter-only material has been released. The author was most of the way through the first such story (How The Paladin Got His Scar turned out to just be the first of seven, I believe) in late September when he sliced up his drawing hand badly, requiring surgery and setting back any artistic work by a period of months (this is also why the comic hasn't updated in forever).

Burlew has been pretty clear about not selling the PDFs to people who didn't get into the Kickstarter in time, I'm afraid - and contacting him is even less likely than usual to produce results due to the injury. He has said that he plans to include the donor-reward stories in future print collections, though. So you can get someone who subscribed to send you copies, or wait for more books to be published.
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Thanks everybody! I now have a solution. :-)
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