What smaller, local NYC charities need our support the most in the wake of Hurricane Sandy?
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I want to donate more in support of Hurricane Sandy, but I'm concerned that while the Red Cross and the NYC Mayor's Fund are probably getting a ton of love, there are other charities in the city that are in dire straights as a result of the hurricane. (Or just in general.) What smaller, local NYC charities need our support the most?
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Amazon.com has Wish Lists.

You can go there, and put in Hurricane , and New York. You'll get a list of places in your area. Then you can buy what's on their lists and have it sent to them directly.
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Best answer: The Ali Forney Center for Homeless LGBT Youth in Chelsea was severely damaged by Sandy.
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The Bowery Mission. Current needs list.
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Best answer: Occupy Sandy. Their donation page is here.
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I recently asked a similar question - you may find some suggestions there.
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Came to suggest the Ali Forney Center, too.
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Keiko Lynn just wrote about this. She writes:

Volunteer on site or at a local shelter, or donate supplies. This site is a great hub for volunteer and donation information - and you can find up to the minute updates on their twitter @occupysandy. If you don't have a car, they arrange transportation from specific locations. If you want to donate supplies, check the lists for needed items - they're updated regularly.

Donate to help feed hot meals through NYC food trucks. They've been driving to badly affected areas and feeding hot meals to thousands of hungry people who were affected by the hurricane. With this crazy cold weather, canned goods aren't going to cut it. Give the gift of a hot meal.

Donate to Masbia soup kitchen. They're feeding the seniors at the Park Slope Armory, as well as other locations. They also feed people in need, year round.

Donate to Robin Hood's Sandy Relief Fund. They support over 200 of the best NYC programs to fight poverty year round and are transparent about their costs; they have a four star rating on charity navigator. Your donations will go toward relief for hurricane victims, and they'll see to it that it will go where it's needed most. You can also view a list of the programs they support here.

Organize a fundraiser, bake sale, or at least share links of twitter and facebook! My cousin Shana and an amazing group of volunteers (parents and children alike!) were able to raise over $6,000 for Masbia with a couple of bake sales near Prospect Park. I find that truly inspiring.
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modest needs
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Occupy Sandy seems to be doing a seriously impressive job from my perspective (as a New Yorker who lost power for 5 days, for whatever that is worth.)
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Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence is doing on-the-ground support in the Chinatown area, with vital support for the largely ignored Chinese speaking community there.
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Consider God's Love We Deliver. See Press --> Press Releases to read about Sandy. They deliver meals to people with life-altering illnesses. Their building was one without power, so they lost a lot of their supplies, but they are back up and working to meet the needs of the community. It's a great organization.
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A friend of mine is doing trips out to the Rockaways almost every day. I can send you his email address for a donation. He is truly an upstanding person, and is spending his own money on top of what people are giving.
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