What's the best way to fix and care for this t-shirt?
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My boyfriend has an awesome new t-shirt with a large, thick, flat image screened(?) on the front that bunched up and creased after the first wash-and-dry. Is there a way to get rid of the creases and folds in the image? And then what's the best way to care for it from here on out?

It looks very similar to this shirt. The t-shirt is a very soft cotton and the BART ticket image is very thick and kinda shiny. It feels almost like a layer of latex paint (the kind you paint your walls with), and I'm afraid to iron it because I don't want to melt or burn it. We've had it hanging up for nearly a week in hopes that it'll just fall out, but that hasn't happened.

We take our laundry to the neighborhood wash-and-fold, but are willing to include this with the small number of delicates we hand-wash and line-dry at home.
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I had the same problem with a t-shirt (son's much-loved Astroboy shirt, sigh). One go through the dryer and the creases were pretty much permanent, it was like the heat had 'set' them.

What I subsequently did was always handwash it and dry it flat on a rack. When it was half/mostly dry, I'd lay it on the ironing board and stack a bunch of books on the image to flatten it out as much as possible as it finished drying, then I'd put it on a hanger so the fabric behind the image could dry completely too.

Why on deity-of-choice's green earth they use that stuff on t-shirts, I'll never know.
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You can try to put it in hot water and some detergent and try to slowly straighten it. It will take a lot of patience and time to do. It may not work. The dryer is a bad place for printed items on shirts. You may want to wash it in cold and hang dry in the future. I know, one shirt, but the launderers just dump your clothes in the washer and then dump your clothes in the dryer. Fold and bag. You can tell them your items need special care, but unless you bag it separately and say the items in that bag need to be gentle wash on cold and hung, it won't get special care. They process too much in a day to remember or take extra care to sort through your items.
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