How to choose a replacement scooter battery?
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Which batteries can I purchase to replace the original from my scooter, a 2007 Honda Metropolitan?

My scooter (2007 Honda Metropolitan) has been sitting unused for a couple years. In the interest of time, I want to replace the battery instead of charging it, if that's even possible at this point -- I did not remove it pre-storage. Problem is, I'm not sure which battery to get, Google returns many battery sales websites that I find impenetrable, and the clerk at my local Batteries Plus could not figure out what to recommend based on my scooter's make/model.

I haven't found a previous question about this topic, though I did find one about scooter batteries & alternators.

Any tips about revivifying a currently dormant scooter appreciated. I am planning to take it to a local scooter shop for whatever tuneup/maintenance may be needed. I am not mechanically adept, but I've read over a list of what to do after winter storage and would appreciate any other advice/tips. I've been the primary rider and have done no maintenance to this point -- 1,100 miles. A very minor accident in '07 left the front fender/wheel guard damaged, and I should probably look into replacing it, but the scooter is otherwise mechanically sound, as far as I know.
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What does the manual for the scooter say about the battery type/size/etc ? Is there a dealer nearby ? If you're going to take it to a local shop, why not let them worry about it ? (Or do you plan to ride it over to the shop ? Why not ask if they'll come pick it up ?)
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Here ya go.

If you want something local, check in with the local Honda dealer or the nearest Sears with a large automotive service department.
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Response by poster: Manual doesn't really address the question of type/size/etc, just says to contact the dealer. I'd actually planned to get it back up and running and ride it to an independent shop, but that's a good point -- I will check about either the dealer or the shop picking it up.
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I have a metropolitan, and recently replaced the battery with an el cheapo brand off amazon. It works fine, and the price was right. The battery model for the metropolitan is YTZ7S, here's a link to amazon's listing of compatible batteries. Be aware that the super-cheap ones will not last as long as the high-end ones, but for occasional riding, they're fine. The key is to ride regularly or charge. Leaving a battery flat is what kills it.
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Response by poster: Between the batter number and the recommendation to talk with a dealer, I think I'm good to go. Thank you!
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I got the amazing Spark for my motorbike - they come in all sizes and I've never found a better one. Lasts forever, never lets me down, even after long pauses during winter. Costs more than most, but I consider it totally woth the price and would not consider another brand when the evil day comes I need to replace it. Good luck!
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