Please help me name food/travel blog
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I need a name for my travel/cooking blog -please Mefites give me your suggestions! More details inside.

I am just starting a blog and I am extraordinarily lucky to travel through four European cities pretty much every month plus longer trips to more exotic places-I love cooking but more than that, I really see food as a way to communicate with people, especially men in foreign places, it gives you a common ground.
For me food is more about culture and history and passing down stories, I take cookery lessons wherever I go, some formal but mostly just asking and walking into kitchens.
I tend to explore little known places and am totally fascinated by food and travel, it will be food/recipes/history and recommendations blog. I need something that combines the two-I would have LOVED "A Moveable Feast" but as you can imagine, so have a lot of other people! All suggestions welcome!
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For here or to go?

Takeaway Travel

I'm so bad at these but I enjoy coming up with titles anyway. :)
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Edible Excursions
Banquet Halls and Market Stalls
The Omnivore's Odyssey
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Ingredients for Adventure
A Tsp of Travel
Stockpot Stories
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"I like reality. It tastes like bread" [A quote from Jean Anouilh]

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta" [A quote from Federico Fellini]
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How about the word eat or food in a couple different languages?
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Trail Mix.
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Thanks guys! Some brilliant suggestions!
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The Wandering Chew

It's punny and memorable, plus i like that "chew" also refers to conversation (chew the fat) and contemplation (chew on something). "Wandering" gives license to broad coverage too.
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The Garden of Eatin'
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