Portland date restaurant with no dairy/nuts options
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What is a good restaurant in Portland, OR for a date with dairy and nut allergies?

The preference is for downtown (extra bonus points for near a Max stop). Any cuisine is welcome, but I know finding Indian (for example) without nuts or dairy would be pretty near impossible. This is a first date, and I want to show off some of Portland's fantastic food.
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I would go to Biwa or Pokpok or Ping. And then I would go to a meat-emporium like Podnah's Pit or Laurelhurst Market (except that they are both crazy loud).

I'd think nearly any sushi/ramen place would be safe.
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I'd call Andina to see what they could do. They seem pretty good about these type of things (they have separate vegetarian and gluten free menus so they should be knowledgeable about special dietary needs.) Also, their food and cocktails and delicious!
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Wildwood is always really great with special dietary requests.
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