Where's the tile? Like, now
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Need to buy some subway tile in NYC... quickly.

I have a contractor starting work to repair damage to my shower. On Thursday. I don't have the tile. I agreed to provide it. Yes, I'm stupid. And new at this.

I need a small amount of tile [less than 50 sq ft], in a mix of white and black subway tile in various shapes, plus a few accent pieces. I can be kinda flexible on having it exactly match what I have now as it's a quick fix.

Where can I go to get it by Thursday? I browsed around Home Depot but it didn't seem like they actually had what I needed, in particular the various combinations of bullnose and cove required [there's a lot of corners in this project].

Is there a place in NYC that will have fairly basic subway tile in stock and ready to go? Or can get it in overnight? I have a car and will travel.
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Have you checked Home Depot on 23rd St or on 59th St and 3rd Ave? There are various Gracious Home stores but they are a bit pricier. I'm assuming you are in Manhattan. There are many other choices in the other boroughs.
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Response by poster: (Your answer is definitely helpful, but I will clarify that Home Depot had perfectly good 3x6 subway tiles for the field but seemed completely spotty in terms of things like base molding tiles and mud caps.)
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Response by poster: (And I am in Queens, but I'll go wherever.)
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Did you try Amazon? If you have/purchase Prime, you can have it there by Wednesday.
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Search the Daltile or American Olean websites for a local dealer or distributor. Since you are looking for something pretty standard and a small quantity they should have it in stock. If not they can probably tell you where to find it.
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Artistic Tile might have some, you'll pay for it but maybe not too much of a premium.
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Best answer: Bella Tile, in the East Village? Since they specialize in tile, they could probably direct you towards what you need, if they don't have it already.
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Nemo Tile on 21st street between Broadway and 5th. Skip the showroom and go directly to the wholesale entrance. They'll have everything you need to do the job, and will likely have the tile in stock, as it's nothing exotic.
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I'm guessing you need this yesterday. There are a few places in Chinatown. Under the Gowanus, there are several tile places from the 65th St. Exit to the 3rd Ave Exit. I don't know the names, but I pass about 5 of them when I drive.
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Marino Tile, at the intersection of Grand and Morgan? I've bought tile from them before and was pleased with it.

If you need grout/adhesive as well, they had that when i was there.

1014 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY 11211
+1 718-389-2191
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Response by poster: The winners! Bella Tile had perfect, on-the-shelf matches for two of the harder-to-find antique tiles, and I stocked up on the rest of the field tile at Home Depot.

Then my contractor delayed the start of work because he can't find gas. All's well that ends well.
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