Need some carcinogen-free lipsticks.
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Brands for carcinogen-free lipsticks?

I am looking for lipsticks that are carcinogenic-free, and toxin-free. Do you know of any brands that qualify? Any other resources to determine the chemicals and/or safety-level of different lipsticks that you know of?

Please note that I am asking specifically for lipsticks, and not any other cosmetics. I am also not interested in answers that are equivalent to 'abstinence is the best policy'!
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Good Guide has pretty solid information about the ingredients in products. Here is their lipstick/lipgloss section. You can dive in for more details about ones that appeal to you.
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You want the EWG's Skin Deep database (although it is unfortunately down for maintenance right now.)

I personally do feel that the EWG ratings are not great at differentiating between "this substance is dangerous" and "we don't know much about this", and they tend to (IMO) overstate the risk of things like certain essential oils. So as a whole, they are going to overstate rather than understate risk. But it's a good place to start looking. And they are at least trying to come at this from a place of evidence-based thinking, rather than falling into the trap of thinking that because something is "natural", it's risk-free.
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Are there specific ingredients you are trying to avoid? What is/is not a toxin or carcinogen is not a settled question.

That said, you could look in to Bite lipsticks - I believe they are made with food grade ingredients. Sephora has ingredients listed for all of the makeup on the site, just click over to the "ingredients" tab, above the description.
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One option, though not quite a lip stick, is the Burts Bees tinted lip balm.
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Just chiming in to say if the ingredient list looks good to you, go for Bite! I adore their lipsticks.
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Can you speak to which particular ingredients you're concerned about?
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100 Percent Pure makes all-natural makeup. I haven't personally tried their lipsticks though. Maybe check out Juice Beauty and Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, as well.
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I recommend Silk Natural lipsticks (especially 'Rapturous') - hand made using organic materials, and gloriously pigmented. They even have a vegan line!
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I am concerned about carcinogens.
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