How do I respectfully dispose of my deceased mom's wigs?
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How do I respectfully dispose of my deceased mom's wigs?

My mom died of cancer 15 years ago. I have two wigs of hers that she used after chemotherapy. I doubt they're useful since they're so old and frankly, I don't have time to make too many inquiries. I'm looking for a respectful way to dispose of them. Just putting them in the trash seems awful, burning them seems creepy and I don't have anywhere to do that anyway... Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Human hair or artificial? I'd bury human hair wigs.
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I've seen wigs at places like Goodwill.
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Can you offer them to a daycare for dress up?
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Maybe consider donating to a local theatre...I have a feeling they'd be accepted gratefully. The theatre I work with frequently takes donations of clothing etc. from relatives of the deceased.
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As far as Goodwill/Salvation Army/thrift/consigment stores go, they might be sold for a useful purpose, but you have absolutely no way of finding out whether it will be for a respectful purpose.
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(Oh, and a data point: an actor in a show I just finished wore a wig that looked very much like one my late grandmother, Billie, had. It wasn't hers, of course. He was playing a very raunchy FrankNFurter and we were all having a good time...but seeing "Billie's wig" was a feeling of connectedness and presence even when he was rubbing up against Brad's leg.)
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Donate them to an American Cancer Society Wig Bank. Call them to find the closest one to you.
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For the American Cancer Society, their 1-800-227-2345 can get you connected to the local office in one easy step. They can probably give you an idea how donate-able they are based on their condition and other factors.
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I bought a wig once from a yard sale. It had belonged to a woman who'd had cancer but thankfully had recovered. I used it in a stage play I was in.

If they aren't quite good enough to be worn as a daily wig, I am quite certain a theater group would be very grateful.
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Honestly? You throw them out. The item is not the memory.

Would your mom want you hanging on to 15 year old wigs? I have 2 kids and when they are adults my dream for them is for them to be firmly focused on their futures. I wouldn't want them hanging on to some old item of mine just because they associated it with me... unless it made them smile. If the wigs bring you joy then keep them but if they don't I don't see anything disrespectful about throwing them out.

I know it feels weird - my own mom passed away about 15 yrs ago - but really I don't think you should feel bad just throwing them out.
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Wigs are very very expensive, especially nice ones. They can also be washed and re-styled. Please donate them as above.
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