Know some meaty music?
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Can you help me find songs about meat?

I'm a vegetarian and my wife is not. I want to make a mix CD for her of songs about meat (or maybe that mention meat in the title or in the song even if it's not really about meat. These references need to be fairly obvious.) I would like to avoid songs that are too critical of eating meat. This is meant to be a good natured fun thing. It is something we constantly tease each other about.

Here are a few examples:
The Smiths "Meat is Murder" (exception to my "too critical" rule; she loves The Smiths)
Ruby "Tiny Meat"
Monty Python "Spam"
Reverend Horton Heat "Eat Steak"
Moe's "Meat", clocking in at nearly 30 minutes, is simply too long

Okay, so whatcha got?
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Sausage party by Pink Steel
posted by biffa at 5:42 AM on August 19, 2005

Best answer:
"Carrot Juice Constitutes Murder," Arrogant Worms? Doesn't actually mention meat, but it works with the theme.
posted by Jeanne at 5:42 AM on August 19, 2005

Meathook, by the Cure and notably covered by Jawbox, absolutely has to be included.
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Primus, Pork Soda.
posted by Wolfdog at 5:43 AM on August 19, 2005

Cibo Matto: "Beef Jerky", which has the following lyrics:

"I weigh: three hundred pounds!
"My favorite food is: beef jerky!"
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Tom Waits does have one entitled "Eggs and Sausage," but I'm not sure it's really what you're looking for.
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Beef Flavored Island, and it's companion song, Meat Reef, by Pleaseeasaur.
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Anything by Meatloaf. Sorry.
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Oh, wait... "Cheeseburger in Paradise", by Jimmy Buffet.
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James Taylor: Chili Dog (on the One Man Dog album).

"Make my bed out of wonder bread
Spread some mustard upon my head
I dont want no onions or sauerkraut, mamma
Hold on to the bun baby, work it on out.
Im a chili dog."
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Response by poster: Ooops, accidentally clicked on "mark as best answer". These are all great so far. It also seems that I have a dispropotionate number of these in my own collection. And yes, "Eggs and Sausage" would work wonderfully. Please keep 'em coming.
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Neil Young, "T-Bone" from Re-ac-tor
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How about some Meat Puppets or Meat Beat Manifesto?
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David Lee Roth: Hot Dog and a Shake
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Consolidated had a bunch of songs about meat and/or with meat in the title. On their 1991 album "Friendly Fascism" alone, you can find :

The Sexual Politics Of Meat
Meat Kills
Dominion (which is all about meat)

Although, seeing as you're a vegetarian and your wife is not - these choices may be more inflammatory than helpful.
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"I Beat My Meat" from the off-Broadway show Naked Boys Singing. The song is, of course, not about meat, but on stage, the whole cast comes out wearing aprons, and uses little hammers to beat rubber steaks. It is hysterical.
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"Green Eggs and Ham", by Moxy Früvous (if you can find it.)
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Fish Heads by Barnes & Barnes
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Brother Jack McDuff - Hot Barbecue

Beck - Satan Gave Me A Taco ("The chicken was all raw and the grease was mighty thick...")

Stone Temple Pilots - Meatplow (Contains no actual meat)

The Cowboy Bebop soundtrack Blue has a song called "Chicken Bone" ostensibly about various ways to prepare chicken.
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Say Ten by Reel Big Fish is a great song about vegetarianism vs meat-eating. One of the lyrics is "I'd eat people if it were legal." The only problem is it's a meat-eating guy singing to a vegetarian girl.
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"Larks' tongues in aspic" by King Crimson
posted by monkey closet at 6:48 AM on August 19, 2005

Queens of the Stone Age, "Mosquito Song." Seems to be about eating human meat, specifically.
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Fear, Beef Bologna.
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Or if you want to be a little bit more classy, Struttin' With Some Barbeque performed by Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five.
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"Meat Stick" by Phish
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"My Bologna", by Weird Al
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" Disgustipated" by Tool
And the angel said unto me, "These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots! You see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust."

"Golgi Apparatus" by Phish
I saw you with a chicken sub in your hand [repeat ad nauseum]
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Paul Young's "Every Time You Go Away"

Every time you go away you take a piece of meat with you, oh
Every time you go away you take a piece of meat with you

(As misheard by a childhood friend's little sister)
posted by ewagoner at 7:14 AM on August 19, 2005

"Bangers and Mash" by Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren
posted by Tarrama at 7:14 AM on August 19, 2005

Weird Al also did a song called "Spam" (to the tune of R.E.M.'s "Stand")
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sandking, that's funny. It's "ticket stub" in Golgi.

But there is a Phish song called "Meat," as well as the already mentioned "Meat Stick."
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"New Age Girl" by Deadeye Dick
(the Mary Moon song)

She don't eat meat, but she sure likes the bone
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"All That Meat And No Potatoes", Fats Waller (although I like the Joe Turner version):

A man works hard then comes on home,
Expects to find stew with that fine ham bone.
He opens the door, then start to lookin',
Says, "Woman, what's this stuff you're cookin'?"

All that meat and no potatoes
Just ain't right, like green tomatoes.
Here I'm waiting, palpitatin',
For all that meat and no potatoes.

All that meat and no potatoes
All that food to the alligators, yes.
Hold me steady. I am ready
For all that meat and no potatoes.

I don't think that peas are bad.
With meat most anything goes.
I look into the pot. I'm fit to bite
'Cause, woman, you know that mess ain't right.

All that meat and no potatoes
Just ain't right, like green tomatoes.
Yes, I'm steamin'. I'm really screamin'
All that meat and no potatoes.

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You might want to throw in some stickers. Or wrap the package in this or this.
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Response by poster: Tarrama: there's also "Boiled Bananas And Carrots (Boiled Beef & Carrots)" at the link you gave.
Vidiot: You're reading my mind. I was going to see if I could get a burger wrapper from some fast food restaurant. Ah, so many choices now. The stickers are a must.

Damn, this is great. Plenty of quality here. I was afraid this would turn into a 80 minutes of Dr. Demento highlighting meat. This is so much better. I may turn this in to a 2 CD set or give one volume now and one for Xmas. Thanks all! Keep serving them up!
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Southern Culture on the Skids song have more songs about food that I could list off hand, heck they even have recipes on their website.
Although my favorite SCotS food song (Banana Pudding) wouldn't work for your mix, there are many that would. A few:
"Chitlin Strut"
"Fried Chicken and Gasoline"
"Too Much Pork for Just One Fork"
"Tunafish Every Day"
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Steve Miller's "Livin' in the USA" includes the interjection "Sombody get me a cheeseburger!"
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The Bobs, "Meat on the Moon"
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Bring it on, baby
Bring, bring, bring on the new meat, baby
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Tones On Tail, "Slender Fungus."

slender fungus was a disc of shiny concrete
slender fungus was a disc, a shiny ball of meat
slender fungus sucks the toes that linger round your feet
slender fungus eats in bed before he goes to sleep

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Fruits and Vegetables by Shonen Knife would be an interesting song to include.
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A bit rude, but The Moldy Peaches - Steak for Chicken
Julian Cope - Hey High Class Butcher
Throbbing Gristle - Hamburger Lady (also E. Coli?)
Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches
Maybe more later.
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If you can crack open a copy of the giant American Pop: An Audio History" you'll find "Ham Beats All Meat" by Dr. Humphrey Bate and His Possum Hunters.
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Tragically Hip - Little Bones
"Baby, eat that chicken slow,
It's full of all them little bones"

Also, Led Zeppelin - Hot Dog
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Scorpions, Another Piece of Meat.
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"Assault and Battery" by Howard Jones, from Dream Into Action, is about the brutality of meat (he's an activist vegetarian). It's actually one of his best songs, IMHO, even though I utterly disagree with the message.
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Food, Glorious Food from the musical 'Oliver'.
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Ugly Duckling has a theme album Taste the Secret about a fast food place called Meatshake, where all the items on the menu have meat inside. They also get some credit for fighting the vegetarian place across the street.
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The Doors, "Backdoor Man" has the line: "I eat more chicken any man ever seen! Yeah, YEAH!"
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- Cibo Matto, "Know Your Chicken" on Viva La Woman!
- Negativland, "The Perfect Cut (Piece of Meat)" on Helter Stupid
- John Lee Hooker, "Bottle Up and Go" ("Mama bought a chicken/thought it was a duck/served on the table/with the legs stickin' up") on multiple albums
- The Folksmen, "Old Joe's Place" on A Mighty Wind soundtrack
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Check out Tom Wait's Filipino Box Spring Hog. It's a hilarious song about roasting a pig inside an apartment.
posted by captainscared at 8:58 AM on August 19, 2005

"Der Weinerschnitzel" by The Descendents
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Images from this page need to be incorporated into the album art in some way.
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Pork Sausage by the Dead Milkmen.
posted by Sheppagus at 9:28 AM on August 19, 2005

"Meat Sandwich" - Gwar
posted by ThePants at 9:41 AM on August 19, 2005

My baloney has a first name
It's O-S-C-A-R
My baloney has a second name
It's M-E-Y-E-R

Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weeeeeeener
That is what I truly want to be
'Cause if I was an Oscar Meyer weeeeeeener
Everyone would be in love with me!
posted by Robot Johnny at 9:43 AM on August 19, 2005

The Bacon Song
posted by essexjan at 9:52 AM on August 19, 2005

"Caught with the Meat in your Mouth"-The Dead Boys
posted by OmieWise at 10:13 AM on August 19, 2005

Lorraine Bowen's Burger Song. It's anti-meat, but very much about meat. First heard on WZBC. They would probably play a request for it. Apparently she also sings about spinach.
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Hot Pastrami Mashed Potatoes by Bruce Johnson
Flaming Barbeque by Pepe Deluxe
Roast Fish & Cornbread by Lee "Scratch" Perry
Everybody Eats When They Come To My House by Cab Calloway
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Can't remember the name of this song, but it has the line, "She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. Cause she's a woooooman, W-O-M-A-N". Or something like that.
posted by marsha56 at 11:03 AM on August 19, 2005

Some little bug is going to get you , first recorded by Bradley Kincaid, I think, in the 30s
Eat a plate of fine pig's knuckles and the headstone cutter chuckles
While the gravedigger makes a mark upon his cuff.
And eat that lovely red bologna and you'll wear a wood kimona
As your relatives start packing up your stuff.
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."Shake Hands With Beef" - Primus.
."Teeth" - Kristin Hersh. I could get a piece of meat/from a barren tree/nothing ever spoiled on me.

Ween seems like they should have a song about meat, but I can't think of any off the top of my head...same goes for Die Toten Hosen...
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I like to do just like the rest, I like my sugar sweet,
But guarding fumes and making haste,
It ain't my cup of meat.

More Dylan references to meat.
posted by McGuillicuddy at 11:35 AM on August 19, 2005

You could download anything from these guys.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 11:37 AM on August 19, 2005

the sound of meat

(okay, critical. but very appropriate.)
posted by neckro23 at 11:43 AM on August 19, 2005

Frank Zappa's Uncle Meat album gives us "The Uncle Meat Variations," "Cruisin' for Burgers," and (for a contrast) "The Voice of Cheese."
posted by mkhall at 12:35 PM on August 19, 2005

"8 piece box" by Southern Culture on the Skids, too!
posted by dmo at 1:06 PM on August 19, 2005

And does she speak Portuguese? Because I highly recommend "Eu também quero mócoto" by Erlon Chaves. It basically means "I want cow hoof, too".
posted by dmo at 1:16 PM on August 19, 2005

I'm going to take a nap. But before I do, I want to mention "the girl can't help it" by Little Richard: "If she's smiling, beefsteak become well done"
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Cause she's a woooooman, W-O-M-A-N

I believe you're thinking of "I'm A Woman," by Peggy Lee...
posted by Vervain at 2:16 PM on August 19, 2005

Tom Waits, intro to "Eggs and Sausage," from Nighthawks at the Diner (the song is pretty on topic too) . . .
I was always eh, kinda want to like consider myself kind of a pioneer of the palette, a restaurateur if you will. I've wined, dined, sipped and supped in some of the most demonstrably beamer epitomable bistros in the Los Angles metropolitan region. Yeah, I've had strange looking patty melts at Norms. I've had dangerous veal cutlets at the Copper Penny. Well what you get is a breaded salsbury steak in a shake-n-bake and topped with a provocative sauce of Velveeta and uh, half-n-half. Smothered with Campbell's tomato soup. See I have kinda of a uh...well I order my veal cutlet, Christ it left the plate and it walked down to the end of the counter. Waitress, ? she's wearing those rhinestone glasses with the little pearl thing clipped on the sweater. My veal cutlet come down, tried to beat the shit out of my cup of coffee. Coffee just wasn't strong enough to defend itself.
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Ack -- I missed that Clay201 had already recommended Eggs and Sausage. But it's the intro that really does a number on meat.
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Song that reminds me of meat:

Manana (Is Soon Enough for Me) by Jackie Davis

It's the song that is playing while Kramer and Newman make sausage in Jerry's kitchen on Seinfeld.
posted by stefnet at 3:14 PM on August 19, 2005

Jack Starr - Chicken
Andre Williams - Greasy Chicken
The Cramps - Chicken
Rufus Thomas - Funky Chicken (Okay, you got me. It's about a dance, not a meat)

Friends of mine hold a fried chicken party every year, and make mix tapes of hours of chicken songs. Those are just off the top of my head. The Jack Starr song is absolutely nuts.
posted by hydrophonic at 3:52 PM on August 19, 2005

Ground Skinless Breast by Chefkirk (vegetarian noise artist)
Bacon and Eggs by the Lovett Sisters
(Open Up) The Crab by The Many Moods of Marlon Magas
A Chicken with its head cut off by Magnetic Fields
Pulling Muscles from their shells by Squeeze
Beers, Steers and Queers by the Revolting Cocks
Meatgrinder by Madvillian
Meat, etc by Sebastian Boaz
Where are the Prawns by The Soft Boys...
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The cd from Black Lung called 'The Grand Chessboard And The Sound Of Meat' contains the 4 part song "The Sound Of Meat."

There's also the very classy track entitled "Meathook Sodomy" from Cannibal Corpse.
posted by starscream at 5:41 PM on August 19, 2005

On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheeeeeese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneeeeezed.
posted by wryly at 5:56 PM on August 19, 2005

ZZ Top — TV Dinners
The Meatmen — Meat Crimes
Johannes Brahms — Ein Deutsches Requiem (Op. 45), II: Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras
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79 posts and no mention of Tribe Called Quest's Ham & Eggs!

"I like eatin ham and eggs,
cos they're high in cholesterol...".

(it's on their People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm album).
posted by forallmankind at 8:52 AM on August 20, 2005

And no mentions of Jerry Lee Lewis singing "Meat Man"?? (You need to find a sound-sample of the song if you want to fully appreciate its, ah, vigor and zest.)
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