How do I bake some gluten free bread?
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I love Canyon House 7 grain bread and the Udis Whole Grain Bread (Gluten Free, both of them). I love them, wonderful breads, the only trouble is it's hard to justify spending $6+ a week on bread that is gluten free. I have a gluten intolerance so I need to eat gluten free. I love to cook/bake, an have lots of flours and mixes. What's the best recipe that is most similar to Udis (any one) or Canyon House that is gluten free? I am looking for bread that doesn't fall apart, looks at tastes like sandwhich bread. Any Ideas?

Canyon House:

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It's not a recipe, but the King Arthur Flour GF bread mix makes the best loaf of GF bread I've ever eaten. A box costs $7. They say it makes 1 loaf but I add cornmeal and GF oat flour and get two loaves of GF Anadama Bread out of one box.

I tried a lot of different recipes over the years but don't have any that I love. If I were to experiment with recipes again, I would try one of the Teff flour recipes. Here's one:
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I haven't tried this one, but Gluten Free Girl has a sandwich bread recipe and she's pretty picky.
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I have had incredibly good results with recipes from Annalise Roberts' book "Gluten Free Baking Classics." Her sandwich bread recipe is online -- it was a hit at our house.
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Gluten Free Girl also has an excellent guide to gluten-free flours that I used extensively the first year I needed it. I've pretty much given up on commercial GF baked goods because of the expense compared to making my own, though I never have come up with anything resembling a sandwich bread. Amaranth flour (not grain, but ground up seeds into flour) gives a nice gumminess that should be able to substitute for xanthan gum's gluey properties but I never got further than a quickbread with a texture like banana bread before deciding that path had been explored enough for my available time and energy.
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