What magazines should an entrepreneur in D.C. subscribe to?
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What magazines / newsletters should an businessperson / entrepreneur in D.C. subscribe to in order to get connected?

I've just moved to Washington D.C. from a small town in Louisiana. I was very connected with events, businesses, chamber meetings, etc back at home and I'm trying to get involved with things here in D.C. I'm going to DC week and I've been trying to build my connections. I have a subscription to Entrepreneur magazine, but it's not D.C. specific. Are there any publications or newsletters in the D.C. area that would be good for me? What about events or meetups?
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Back in the day, Netpreneur was probably the best source of info. I'm not sure if it is still relevant today or not. Potomac Tech Wire is good for keeping up on local tech news and most larger events will be advertised there.
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I think this is pretty dependent on the type of business you're running, as well as the type of connections you're hoping to build. Is it with fellow business owners? Local media outlets? Potential backers?

You may want to look at DC's Small Business Development Center and the DC government's Office of Local Business Development for networking and events. It's not quite targeted to small businesses, but the Washington Business Journal covers the local scene.
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The various business improvement districts (BIDs) often host events around the city that would probably make good networking opportunities.
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In addition to Washington Business Journal, look at Capital Business. And there are dozens of industry-specific newsletters. You could also call the main DC library (MLK) and talk to the business division there. I'd bet the business librarian would be thrilled to help you.
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Perhaps Bisnow (description here) would be helpful.
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Are you involved in technology? The Northern Virginia Technology Council is a great resource. Seconding Bisnow (they also do meetups and lectures.) Even though The Washingtonian magazine is more socially based, it's still a great way to keep up with the who's who in the DC area.
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