locked out of twitter - how to get back in?
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twitter won't recognise my password, or send an email to the related gmail account - now what?

i've been locked out of my @gusseting account for about a week now - i was able to continue tweeting using hootsuite - until it asked for authentication, and now i can't use hootsuite with the @gusseting account either.
i'm wondering if having an open uncomplete tweet on one device whilst tweeting from another had anything to do with the freeze on my account. i've dutifully gone through twitter's support (https://support.twitter.com/articles/15365?utm_source=15365&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=inproduct) & followed the instructions - there are zero emails coming though to my gmail account - i've checked spam folders, done searches for @twitter.com emails - nada.
the gmail account is validating (looks good! says twitter, when i add the address to their form), so why am i not getting emails? what else can i do?
i didn't have a phone number associated with the account, and can login just fine to another twitter account that i have. there's no sign that someone else is using the account - so would welcome your advice.
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answering my own question here - a standard search in gmail isn't going to reveal the messages that are going *staight to trash*. obviously, i did a little filter overkill, so now all good, have my account, skipping in fields of flowers...
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