Are these kids for real?
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Are the kids on recent segments on the Daily Show actors? If not, are they related to someone who works on the show? I realize most of the campaign stuff is fake, but the kids seem natural and uncoached enough that I'm not sure if they're actors.
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It's the first IMDB credit for both Lauren Zablo and Kyle Pearlman. He is on twitter so you can ask him yourself.
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friends w someone who produced those: no they are real students and not actors and it's a real school election and they were already running
Not related to show people that I know of, just a school not terribly far from the studio that said yes to letting them tape there
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My friend's daughter appeared in one of those segments. It's a public middle school in New Jersey and those are real students.
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islandeady do you know if your friend had to sign a separate release? Or was it covered by the general "the school is allowed to take pictures of my kid" release they have you sign at the beginning of the year? It seems like they must have queried a lot of schools, if they had to get both parents and the school on board.
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