What items add enjoyment to a hedgehog's life?
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Hedgehog owners of MeFi: what are some awesome toys or treats that your spiny kiddo really goes nuts for?

I really don't know much about hedgehogs, but I need to buy a gift for a co-worker that has a young female hedgy. Ordering online is cool, or I can easily pick up something at my local pet-supply joint (or either of the major big-box pet stores). Let's set a flexible budget cap around $20. Specifically looking for items that will add to the animal's well-being (meaning: not really interested in Hedgehog-themed jewelry or prints from etsy). Thanks.
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mealworms - hedgehogs go absolutely nuts for them.
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My hedgehog likes: mealworms, and hiding/snuggling. You can buy or make "snuggle sacks" which are basically little fleecy caves for hedgehogs. I've had a hedgehog for three weeks and if someone were getting me a gift for him, those are the things I'd ask for.
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I vote for the hidey-hole option. When I had a hedgehog, one of her favorite things to do was to get into the envelope cubby hole on my father's partitioned desk, poof, and then slyly look out at us with a "neener-neener" face.

I know on the cheap end people will use coconut halves with doors cut into them and whatnot, but a slightly more upscale cave would probably very much please the 'hog.
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Agree with the cute cave or snuggle bag suggestions, or you could look at a (solid) exercise wheel or exercise ball. The wheel can't be open rail, because hedgies break legs easily.

If you really want to please the 'hogie and not the owner, save all your empty kleenex boxes and toilet paper rolls. Try ping pong balls or cat balls with bells. Once they get used to rolling balls, toss them a couple of the plastic Easter eggs. They wobble and roll differently. Very exciting. Our hedgie used to play with the monkeys from the Barrel o' Monkeys game, and then sleep in the bottom of the barrel. Little plastic cars or other "rolling stock" or small stuffed animals about their size are often appreciated by hedgies.

You can get an assortment of these things for very little money/free, wrap them up in a piece of polar fleece and put them in a basket. Hedgie will play with all of it.
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