Killing time at LAX
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I am going to be at LAX for 7-8 hours on Wednesday, November 14, from about 2-10pm, before I fly overnight from California to Virginia. I have never been to Los Angeles. Is there anything you would recommend me doing during that time?

Thanks for your help.
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Here's a previous question about an 8-hour LAX layover, with the OP checking in at the end to update.
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Apologies, scody. I missed that one in my search.
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There is a new Santa Monica bike center located at 2nd Ave. and Colorado Blvd. It is located a short two block walk from the Santa Monica #3 bus which runs to and from the LAX bus transit center. The S.M. bike center rents bikes and has lockers and showers. You would want to catch the LAX shuttle bus to parking lot "C". Tell the driver to drop you off close to the city bus transit hub. Allow 25 minutes to get from the terminal to the transit center; then maybe a 30 minute wait for the next #3 bus and then about 45 minutes to the stop at 4th and Colorado.

Here's a good ride on streets with bike lanes and through interesting neighborhoods: From the bike center, ride south on 4th St. to Pico Blvd. where 4th becomes Main St. and continue on Main St. going south. There are many good shops and restaurants for the next few miles. Then turn left at Abbot Kinney Blvd and continue south. More good shops and restaurants. Turn right onto Venice Blvd and ride that heading west all the way to the beachfront bikepath. Ride the bikepath north to the Santa Monica pier. Go up the stairs and ride a block East to get back to the Bike Center. Without stopping this ride would take about an hour.
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You take a cab from LAX to Santa Monica for about 50 bucks. If it's within your means, then avoiding the whole bus thing will give you more time to sight see.
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If conrad53's bicycle itinerary's too much, you could still take the buses to Santa Monica and just walk around & hang out there, at Palisades Park, even strolling down Ocean Front Walk into Venice Beach, what some might consider a more authentically LA environment. From anywhere around there, a cab back to the airport would take under an hour.
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No apologies necessary (sorry if I sounded abrupt!) -- just wanted to make sure you saw the good suggestions there, in case there was less response this time around.
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Personally, I'd go see Endeavour at the California Science Center.
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Santa Monica/Venice is really ideal for this kind of thing.

With the daylight savings change*, if you to wanted to be right at beach I'd suggest keeping closer to the southern end of Venice than the northern part of Santa Monica; after dusk you could hit the pier and other parts of downtown SM. You can rent bikes down along the bike path and Perry's (burgers and bike rentals) might even let you drop off the bike at a different Perry's location along the bike path.

*I'm at the beach and the sun just set.

On preview: Endeavour would be awesome, just a bit more complicated logistically.
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Oh yeah, the showers at the bike center are for members only.
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Yeah I'm not familiar with LA, so don't know the best/local-savvy way from LAX to the CSC.

It seems reasonably close on this map but perhaps I am being naive ...
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Take a cab to the ocean. See Venice Beach, soak up some rays.
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This summer I had a 10-hour layover at LAX, went to Santa Monica, and had a marvelous day. I took the #3 bus, didn't even realize the bikes were there, and just walked around and sat near the ocean. Had dinner at Cha Cha Chicken and it was great.

The only problem I had was figuring out what to do with my luggage. Frankly, I had a roller suitcase, and just pulling it around would have been OK. Not great, but OK. However, the lovely people at this hotel checked my bag for me, just for the day. It only cost about ten bucks, plus extra for tip, and was totally worth it. From other comments, it sounds like the Santa Monica bike center has lockers, which would also solve that problem.
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Be aware that the neighborhood between LAX and the California Science Center isn't the best neighborhood in the world. It's where a large part of the LA Riots took place, though things have improved since then. Fine to drive through, but you should be well-schooled in inner-city public transit if you're going to take transit through the neighborhood. I'd rent a car.

I'd say the Santa Monica plan is a good one. The bus is the least expensive option, but if you're going to spend $50 on a cab, just rent a car instead.
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