Caching iphone maps?
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Recommended iPhone map applications that will cache local maps?

My wife and I are spending three weeks in Argentina starting next week, and I'd like to be able to use the maps on my iPhone without having a data plan there. Ideally, I'd like a map app that I could load maps for the local area using the hotel wifi and that I could then pull up without data or wifi access to see where we are using the GPS. This is for an iPhone4 running iOS5.
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CityMaps 2Go may be what you're looking for.
posted by jeffkramer at 2:26 PM on November 4, 2012

MotionX GPS Drive can cache maps.
posted by hijinx at 2:33 PM on November 4, 2012

I have Offmaps for this. I don't find it terribly intuitive to use, but it's free and does the job.
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Ditto Offmaps. Have used it in the past and it mostly works, but it's not awesome.

Although there are plenty of people slagging off the iOS6 maps, one benefit is that they're vector. In practice recently this enabled me to load most of a city (Lisbon, Ljubljana, Venice, Eindhoven, Barcelona) by looking up an address while on wifi at the hotel. Unlike the old Google maps, I didn't lose the map at some point in the middle of the day. YMMV.
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Galileo worked great for me in Guatemala & Cuba.
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I've used Offmaps 2 for this, but like others have said it's far from ideal.
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Thanks all. Offmaps2 it is. It's not as nice as Google maps but it seems like it will get the job done.
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