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Wedding Filter: Looking for suggestions on unobvious wedding venues in SoCal.

The details:

- Size: 25-60 guests
- Price: Less than 8,000 for the whole night (6pm to midnight)
- Area: We're pretty open here. We're thinking the greater LA area, but pretty much anywhere in SoCal would work.

Most importantly, we want some place that is unique, different, off-the-beaten path. We're most interested in really cool, funky (but elegant) spaces that could be used for lots different types of events, not just weddings. Indoor or outdoor. We're less interested in hotels. Perfect example: Space Abott Kinney, which we love, but we just need more suggestions.
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I'm getting married next year at the LA public library, ath the central location downtown. We are very excited about it! They have a couple different spaces, I'm not sure what would work for your wedding size. The cost is under $8000 no matter which space you choose, and significantly under for most of the spaces. (I'm assuming you have $8000 for the venue, not $8000 for the entire wedding).

I went to a wedding (in Northern California) at an art museum, which was a great space. I don't have specific SoCal museums to recommend, but it's worth looking around.
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I just got married at Cannons Restaurant in Dana Point. It's a bit more "obvious", but it had great views, great staff, and great prices.

My searches also brought us several other neat venues.

For example:

Seven Degrees (which looked crazy expensive, but awesome)
Hotel Seven4One which was also a bit expensive, but you basically rent out the entire hotel which was pretty neat.
Ocean Institute could also work, but again, price may be a factor, and all of these are in the Laguna Beach area which isn't quite LA, so I may not be helping at all.
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Cinefamily does weddings.
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Sowden House
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I'd ask at the Magic Castle. That could be so cool!
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A friend of mine got married inside the Bullocks Wilshire building, which is beautiful if you like Art Deco. It was originally a department store, patronised by 1930s Hollywood stars. Now its owned by Southwestern law school and various rooms can be rented out. Also of architectural interest would be the Bradbury Building. Check this list of Historic Places in Los Angeles for some ideas!

Another friend got married at Temescal Gateway Park in Topanga Canyon if you want somewhere more outdoorsy. I'm willing to bet all the Santa Monica Mountains parks have rental facilities available for weddings.
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You might check out EventUp. They have all sorts of venues on the books in a pretty easily searchable way. Anything from typical spots to crazy mansions. That company was started in LA so the inventory in SoCal is quite good.
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This list should be helpful-- but be warned there are a ton of them to search through. It's a list of all the city-owned venues that can be rented out-- some of them quite cheaply.
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I was also going to suggest that la conservancy list np312 just linked to.

I can't speak to the price of any of these, but I've been to weddings at The Ebell, the Annenberg Beach house and Union Station, and they were all awesome.
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Cliffs restaurant in Silverlake.
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I have not been, but I recently stumbled across the website for the L A river Center and Gardens. Looks like it would be a beautiful venue. Read the reviews though, I think they are pretty strict with their requirements iirc.
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I got married downtown at BoxEight Studios and loved it. It has a Marvimon/Smogshoppe vibe but it's only about $2500 for the whole day/night. It's a little big for 60 people, but you could just use part of the space.

Actually, for the number of people you're talking about, I'd look into renting out a restaurant - maybe Akasha?
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I've heard that the Museum of Latin American Art is a good venue.
It is in Long Beach.
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I got married at the Huntington Beach Public Library. It was fantastic! The pictures we got in the stacks are super cool and the library itself is gorgeous. Go take a look! You can have the ceremony in the library, or for an extra city permit fee you can use the park outside. The venue fee was pretty cheap, and they have a full catering kitchen on site. The package deal is only $2200 and they let you bring your own beer/wine/champagne which helps keep the cost down. They don't allow hard liquor though.
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We're getting married at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. They have rooms of various sizes and a Japanese garden. There is also the South Coast Botanic Garden just down the road.
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I have no idea about fees, but my cousin had her reception at the Nixon Presidential Library. It was certainly not a location I'd have thought of. (Their ballroom is a replica of a ballroom in the White House.)
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