Squirrel EMS!
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Squirrel EMS?

Yesterday, an injured squirrel was shuffling around a heavily car and pedestrian-trafficked entrance to the Boston Public Gardens. It was bleeding and appeared to have limited to no use of a front leg. Besides breaking into spontaneous tears, what should we have done? (Hint: the answer is not "leave it alone to die a painful death and/or bite a good Samaritan.")
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Boston Animal Control should be called to handle it.
If you find an injured animal in the Boston area (dogs, cats, bats, raccoons, oppossums, skunks, birds...) please call 617-635-5348 or 617-635-5349. These animals will be transported to a humane society where they will be evaluated. This service is also provided by the Animal Rescue League of Boston.
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The local animal control officers are a good option in many places. Sometimes it makes sense to contact a wildlife rehabilitator directly; rehabilitators may specialize in certain species and may be quicker to respond than animal control officers in areas with a low population density or an under-funded law enforcement agency. That said, in a populous and well-covered area like Boston, the animal control officers will probably know which rehabilitators are active and accepting new patients, and can capture and transport injured animals safely, so they're a good first call.
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arl boston also handles these kinds of things

If you see an animal in distress, please call (617) 426-9170
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