Convert Mac OS 9 font suitcase to OS X
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I've got an old Mac font suitcase (OS 9) containing fonts I'd like to use on my OS X (10.7) Mac. I'm not sure what format they're in but copying the file over to my new Mac results in a 0-byte file. I think I have to convert them to TTF on my OS 9 iMac, but not sure what to do it with. Any suggestions? Free would be great, since I don't plan on doing this again, but cheap would be okay.
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I can't help with the conversion but the file should not have been zero bytes. Did you convert it to macbinary/binhex format before transfer? Fonts were stored in the resource fork and if you don't transfer the file correctly it's easy to lose the resource fork.
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Ah, that gave me an idea. I was able to use StuffIt on my old iMac to make a .sit file that I could open on my new iMac. Font Book was able to recognize and install the fonts. Thanks.
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