who still watches DVDs?
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Does anybody make a 9" under-cabinet kitchen TV WITHOUT a built-in DVD player?

I thought this would be a really simple thing to find. We currently have a little 9" CRT TV on our kitchen counter. We'd like to replace it with a flip-up under cabinet LCD. It would just need RCA connections so we can hook it to our Att Uverse receiver.

All I can find online and locally are big clunky TV/DVD combo contraptions. I haven't watched a DVD in years and have no use for that.

I've searched online and at local stores and can't find anything. Any ideas?

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Is this right?
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Amazon has this under cabinet TV sans DVD player. It has terrible reviews, though, and the setup isn't any smaller or less clunky than the models that do have a DVD player.

The DVD player versions don't seem to be any more expensive, either. I'd say either just go with the DVD option and don't use it if you don't want it, or, if the space issue is really a big deal, buy a regular, small LCD TV and figure out some way to hack a bracket for it.
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You should buy an under the counter flip mount, then just buy any regular LCD, and then mount it yourself.

e.g.: this + this
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