Kink Proof garden hose recommendation
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Please recommend a kink-proof garden hose--Not kink resistant.

Many brands on say kink-proof but some reviewers say, "Not True! It kinks!" So I don't know what to believe. There's the Tuff-Guard brand which won't kink but many reviewers say it blows out at the brass fitting. Do you have personal experience with a truly kink-proof garden hose that hasn't failed for you? (50 foot).
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You want a Neverkink hose. I have several and they do not kink. I recently had a brass connection on one go bad and start leaking and they stood behind their lifetime warranty and sent me a brand new hose too.
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I have a neverkink, actually. They do kink if you get them twisted up wrong, but they kink a lot less. I think pretty much the whole design of garden hoses (i.e. long and flexible tubes) tends to mean that it's impossible to have an absolutely kink-proof one. On some level you just have to be sort of mindful of what the hose is doing. If you get a good one they kink a lot less than crappy ones though.
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Like Scientist, I think it's impossible to have an actual kink-proof hose.

However, every hose I've bought that has an internal mesh structure has avoided kinking the years I've bought them, so that's what I'd be looking for.
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Lee Valley makes an amazing hose with a lifetime guarentee that does not kink. I highly recommend them, though they are a bit more expensive.
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I'm a relatively new homeowner and have no previous experience with garden hose kinks, but I didn't even realize that was a problem until I read your question. We have a couple of coil garden hoses (different brands in the back and front yard) and they are awesome. They have never, ever kinked and are super easy to stash away (as in, hang one end on the wall faucet, done).
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Any garden hose can be rendered kink-proof. Not kink resistant, kink-proof.

The trick is just to put the hose under pressure while stowing it or uncoiling it.

Use a handpiece that allows the water flow to be stopped at the fitting (a trigger type, or a nozzle that allows you to screw it all the way shut). Open the garden tap, let the hose fill with water (so it's stopped going sput-sput-sput and is running well) and then turn it off at the handpiece. The hose is now fully pressurised, and you can uncoil or stow it without any risk of kinking at all.

Just don't leave it turned off only at the handpiece, or you will stretch it and eventually blow fittings off it. Before you walk away from the hose, turn it off at the garden tap and then open the handpiece to let down the pressure.
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What flabdablet said. Also, the top quality level hoses at Sears are very kink resistant an have lifetime replacement guarantees, no receipts needed.
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Hoses are much less prone to kinking if you store them as straight as possible. The nurseries I've worked at that used hoses always kept them stretched out next to the garden paths. Alternately, coil them in very large loops.
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I leave the hose next to the garden, in a long stretch, not coiled. It loops around a big garden pot because of length. Way, way less hassle.
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I bought the highest quality hose I could and it has held up very well to not only the lawn mower (oops) & general abuse, but also never kinks. Cheap hoses seem to collapse fairly easily if I try to squeeze the hose with my fingers, but this heavy duty one doesn't.
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InsanePenguin writes "Like Scientist, I think it's impossible to have an actual kink-proof hose. "

Steel braided hose
won't kink (at least without applying more than hand pressure). You can get it at hydraulic shops but be warned it's expensive and heavy.
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