I need another one of those apples, but where can I get it?
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A little obsessed: where can I find gourmet candy apples like the one I just had in WI?

Ok, silly trivial question:

My stepsister took me to this place in WI a few weeks ago and got me one of their gourmet candy apples. I didn't really want it but she insisted and OMIGOD IT WAS GOOD. What made it so good was not only what it was dipped in but that they make them with Granny Smith apples. The contrast between sweet and tart is delightful. Now I want another one, but can't seem to find any place around here (here being north of Boston) that makes them. North of Boston/north shore would be ideal, but Boston area would be ok, as long as they use Granny Smiths. My searching hasn't yielded anything. Maybe you guys know? And if you haven't had one, GET ONE!
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Is there a reason you're not just ordering them from the site you linked to? Shipping doesn't seem to be prohibitively expensive.
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no, I'll do that if I can't find one locally, but I'd rather go out and get one.
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Make your own! Here's a good recipe I've used.
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This might not be super helpful on account of bad geography, but the place local to me that makes these is the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and there is one here, which google tells me is 45 minutes from Boston. How desperate are you?

(It's also pretty easy to make a caramel apple, for what it's worth. Oh, man, now I really want one, too.)
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You've got me hankerin' for one too. But I see about 100 varieties advertised on the site .. did one in particular put you in your transcendent state?
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Seconding Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, if a franchise is near you. It and the Apple (computer) Store are the only good things about the fancy mall in Durham, NC. They have this thing called an Apple Pie Apple which is truly remarkable.
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oh, it was this one, with the chocolate AND the caramel on the GS apple. mmm.
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