Killing Time in Charlotte
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How do I kill a few hours in Charlotte, NC on Sunday?

The NHL lockout has my transplanted-Canadian self experiencing some BRUTAL withdrawal, so I will be heading to Charlotte, NC on Sunday for some AHL action. Yay! Unfortunately, because of very awkward train/bus schedules, I will have several hours to kill both before (between 10am and 2:30pm) and after (between 6ish and 10:30pm) the game. I've never been to Charlotte before and don't know my way around, so things that are (relatively) in the vicinity of the arena would be great, but I'm willing to walk a ways, too (since I've got nothing but time). I've got LOADS of reading to do, but also wouldn't mind seeing "the sights" of Charlotte, so ideally I'm looking for any mix of:
- awesome cafes (wifi a bonus!)
- library?
- places to eat, preferably with vegan options
- fun shops to browse at
- anything else that's neat/fun/unique/time-killing

Recommendations? Any areas to avoid as a single woman travelling alone at night? Is the bus terminal (I'm travelling on Megabus on the way home) in a safe area, or should I find somewhere else to wait?
Sorry for the absurdly specific question, but ideas are appreciated!
Thanks, friends!
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Best answer: Megabus will drop you off feet from the arena, it's in a safe area. The public library which is just blocks away is open between 1pm and 6pm.

Downtown (which is called Uptown) is pretty dead on weekends but it's where the Arena is.

I'd recommend taking a cabto NoDA where there are some bars and some cool restaurants. Amelie's is the most 24 hour spot in town for coffee and crepes. (Very cool).
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I came here to suggest Amelie's. :-P

I don't know much about Uptown, I'm afraid. All I know about this weekend is that MACE is happening. (Gaming convention. No, like roleplaying and board games. Hardcore geekery.)
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Best answer: Checkers games are super-fun, so you're in for a treat there.

Sundays are tough because shops mostly open late and close early. Our new and growing public market is closed on Sunday, boo.

Like the others, I'd suggest Amelie's for your morning/pre-game. Note that there are actually two: the one in NoDa (N. Davidson Street) is open 24/7, but you'd need to take a cab to get there and cabs are usually on-demand here rather than circling looking for fares. You could walk up to the Ritz-Carlton (on Trade Street, about half a block from the transportation center) or the Holiday Inn at College/6th and see if they'd hail a cab for you.

But the good news is, there's also an Amelie's on S. Tryon Street at 3rd, about 5 blocks from the transportation center, that's open 10-5 on weekends. Both have good food (not sure what they offer on Sundays, but get the soup if they offer it!), lots of coffee, eclectic atmosphere, wifi. The Tryon St location is quite a bit smaller than NoDa but they won't mind if you linger. The Panthers are out of town Sunday so it will be pretty quiet.

After the game, you will definitely want to find somewhere safe to wait. The transportation center is open-air and while you might probably be OK as a single woman, I personally wouldn't want you to chance it. Try Dandelion Market on 5th Street, just across Tryon, or Ri-Ra on N. Tryon between Trade/6th. Both are open for dinner on Sunday and also have a bar where you can kill time till your bus leaves.

Have fun! Let me know if you need any other info or need help while you're here.
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Best answer: My wife and I are going to the game tomorrow too. We are in section 116 H25-26 if you want to stop by to say hi :)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, everyone! I think I will check out Amelie's/NoDa in the morning (since it appears to be relatively close to the Amtrak station?), and find a restaurant/bar "Uptown" after the game to kill time.

Captain_Science: I may stop by to say "Hi!" between periods....I'll be the awkward girl all by herself in the Canucks jersey...
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What's the connection to the Amtrak station? That's in a rough neighborhood. DO NOT TRY TO WALK to Amelie's. DO NOT walk up Tryon Street past 11th. The men's homeless shelter is on the other side of the inner beltway; they make the residents leave during the day but most of them linger in the area. Avoid the Amtrak station unless you're in a cab and don't plan to make that your waiting spot.

(Sorry, don't mean to sound like a suburban alarmist, but why risk it?)
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