Can I make it from Boston to Brooklyn tomorrow (Saturday?)
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Any issues with roads traveling from Boston to Brooklyn tomorrow?

Hi! I really need to make it to Brooklyn tomorrow, but I'm worried about making the drive from Boston to Brooklyn post-Sandy.

What are the roads like? (I'll be dodging Manhattan.) Traffic? And gas? How far out of the city would I need to get gas?

Is it safe to carry gas with me in the car in one of the containers from Boston?

Any advice?

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i took a bus from boston to lower manhattan (via the bronx, queens, and brooklyn!) on thursday afternoon and it was fine. The one cabbie I took wanted $40 to go to the part of brooklyn right on the other side of the bridge because of gas, and today I overheard someone say the mta bus she was on ran out of gas.

The roads seem pretty normal to me, but don't come without lots of gas!
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Nota bene for other answerers - BrookLYN not BrookLINE... from Boston to New York.

Rhode Island is for certain at 100% normal if you take 95 south. Fill up there at least, in Westerly,... and then see how deep into CT you can go before the lights go out.
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My recommendation would be to avoid the shoreline. Things are fine inland and I-95 always sucks, Sandy or no.

You would take I-90 west to I-84 west, then I-91 south to route 15 south/the Merritt Parkway which gets you down to NYC area (and then changes names a bunch of times).
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NYC traffic is worse than usual, so leave extra time. Traffic aside, most neighborhoods' roads are fine, save the odd downed tree. Definitely fill your tank in Connecticut. I live down the street from one of the few stocked gas stations in Brooklyn, and at times, the line/gridlock has gone on for blocks on end.
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Gas in Connecticut (near the NY border) was definitely not normal as of yesterday afternoon. There were several gas stations that were totally out and long, tense lines at the one station that still had fuel.
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If you need to get gas along the way, get it prior to reaching Fairfield, CT. After that point, supply gets difficult. Hess has a listing this morning of stations with gas; their station in Bridgeport (North St) is said to be supplied.
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Definitely take the Mass Pike to I-84. As far as gas goes, I would fill up outside of Hartford (which will not be a problem), then you'll have plenty to get to NYC and back to Hartford.
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