My pen needs ink
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Where can I find a ballpoint pen refill to replace this one? I can find short refills, and twist refills, but not short twist refills.

It's from a promotional light-up pen that I got a few years back. I finally managed to get some cheap button batteries to put in it, only to find that it's dried out and won't write.
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does the part with the screw threads come off the refill? it may just be a regular refill with some kind of screw guide on it.
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Yeah, that looks like the Zebra TP18 refill with a cap stuck on the end. The TP18 refill is 2-5/8" long, which looks about right if that cap was slid over the end.
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Response by poster: I've tried pulling off the screw thread part, but I haven't had any success. I've seen full-sized refills that come with the threaded cap on, but not short refills.
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I'm still betting the tail piece was an add-on. I just went through our entire refill catalog (office supplies retailer here), and found nothing that matches what you've got. The rest of the refill really looks like a Zebra TP18 (may also be listed under Yasutomo/Niji or Y&C). It's darn near the same size as a Monteverde D-1.

A lot of promotional pens modify existing widely-available cartridges to make them fit the pen design. Sometimes those modifications are removable and transferable to another cartridge, sometimes not. :(
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The tail piece is probably glued on. Maybe you can try heating it with a hair dryer or using a solvent to loosen it.
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