The New Name That Blog!
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I need help figuring out a name for my brand new personal blog. Snowflakey details to follow.

I've wanted to join the blogging community for a few years now, but I've never really had a good "hook" for doing so. At long last, life itself has provided a solid template.

I'm starting a personal blog that will mainly consist of tales of my efforts to treat my depression and anxiety. It will no doubt veer off into unrelated territory from time to time, as I'm largely incapable of keeping my opinions about anything and everything to myself, but I'll try to keep it all related to the big picture.

The tone will be informal and (I hope) clever, with a healthy dose of humor and self-deprecation. It won't be dismissive, or avoid dealing with hard questions and harder answers, but I have to be true to myself first and foremost, and my personality will show through.

I really wanted to call it nakedsingularity dot com. I think it's a fun title, suggestive but mysterious, with an actual cool scientific definition. That name's being squatted by some crappy search company, though. And, honestly, it really might be too quirky.

So, I'm looking for something that reflects the nature of the content, is fun without being flippant, and is unique and intriguing. That's not too much to ask, right?

Thanks in advance for your advice. I'm really excited about this project, and I think it will be a big help to me as I deal with my mental health issues.
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Breaking Bad Moods
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baresingularity dot come seems to be available, if you want to stick close to your original idea

(also, SingHilarity)
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Hi, Anxiety
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Thanks for the help! Your suggestions spun together and gave me a perfect idea.
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